Free Bingo No Deposit Keep what you Win? 

Free Bingo No Deposit Keep what you Win? 

Online bingo has made the game evolve in many different ways. What was once thought of as a game which would never move out of bingo halls and is to be exclusively enjoyed by older people is now viewed as being an incredibly fun and popular game that pretty much anybody can take part in at

Despite this, some aspects of online bingo have confused longtime players. The addition of no deposit bingo games has led some to raise the question of whether they will be able to keep their winnings from the game. Below is everything that you’ll ever need to know about no deposit bingo, including whether you will be able to keep what you win. 

What is No Deposit Bingo? 

No deposit bingo is a bingo bonus which is usually offered to brand new players. It essentially means that players will not have to deposit anything before they are given the chance to play bingo. This no deposit bonus can come in many forms but the most common is the player being given a specific amount of free credit to use on a bingo game of their choosing. There are many benefits to no deposit bingo, both for the player as well as the bingo sites. For the player, no deposit bingo offers a fun and unique chance to win a game of bingo without having spent a single penny. For bingo sites, no deposit bingo is a great opportunity to entice new players to their site.  

Is it Really Free? 

The big question that many players will be asking themselves is whether no deposit bingo is really free. The answer to that is a big yes! You won’t have to spend anything in order to receive the no deposit bonus. Though some may be put off because certain bingo sites will require a player to enter their payment details in order to receive the bonus. This may appear disconcerting but it doesn’t charge anything from your card.  

No Deposit Variations 

There are several variations of the no deposit bonus which you will encounter throughout bingo sites. The most common variation has already been covered here, the bingo site will give players a set amount of credit to use on whatever game they wish, though sometimes the selection of games can be limited. Another variation is the free cash no deposit bonus, this is similar to the credit bonus but instead puts cash directly into your account. Players will not be allowed to just withdraw this money and will instead have to pass a threshold of winnings before they can withdraw anything. 

Final Thoughts – Can you Keep what you Win? 

Playing bingo for free through the no deposit bonus does in theory let players keep their winnings. Though it should be noted that it is usually very unlikely that players will win anything significant through this bonus. This is because bingo sites will usually only allow this bonus to be used on certain games. Also players will always be able to keep what they win in their account but to withdraw they will usually have to pass a threshold of earnings.

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