FunPinPin Tells You What a Quality Website Can Bring to the Brands

FunPinPin Tells You What a Quality Website Can Bring to the Brands

Market globalization pushes businesses to go abroad, aiming to hit global customers, for which they have to be in touch with people all over the world. Since then, businesses have preferred establishing their website to reach the masses across the globe. It is a trendy idea, as it brings a lot of positives for your e-commerce business.


For this purpose, they need a proper website capable of addressing the needs of a diverse customer base scattered worldwide. And FunPinPin can provide you with a way to build such a website, allowing unprecedented business opportunities. If you are interested in online store building, the passage will offer you some hints.

Advantages of Owning an Online Store

Compared to relying on third-party websites, occupying an online store have numerous advantages for consumers, which have the following benefits

  1. Supported by the Policies

Globalization and the sudden pandemic have witnessed a surging e-commerce development. Many countries roll out their policies to support the industry, which also pushes e-commerce site builders to advance.

2. Fewer restrictions and lower cost

When using the online store, fewer restrictions were faced on your business. For instance, third-party platforms can bar you from selling some specific products. However, this is not the case in your stores. Similarly, independent platforms cost you lower in the long run. For example, when you use third-party platforms, you have to pay monthly fees and a specific commission on every sale. But when you have your own store, no additional fees will be paid, maximizing your profit.

3. More channels to attract customers

An online store built with FunPinPin increases your sales opportunities, which can be used as the landing page of your promotional campaigns, helping you amass new customers. On this new channel, you can set up your shop as per your way of doing business by negating the traditional business techniques.

4. No price competition

On the third-party e-commerce platforms, you have to adjust the price to the highly competitive landscape and are therefore forced to lower the prices constantly. If your price is not competitive enough, the customers would immediately turn away from you. However, on your own website, you can set your price by seeing the purchasing patterns of your consumers since there is no competition on it.

What an arresting and standalone website can bring to the brands:

Your e-commerce brand wins at various avenues when you rely on an independent website. It can help you in:


1. Fostering the brand’s reputation

When you invest in making your standalone e-commerce website using site builders like FunPinPin, it is your first step towards creating a brand image. It is because you manage to attract highly targeted traffic to your e-commerce store, which sets your business apart and helps you improve your brand’s image. Once the traffic develops trust in your business, they will come to your store repeatedly, making your business a success. But when you rely on third-party platforms, you cannot foster your brand reputation as that is a short-term strategy.

2. Making your brand stand out from domestic rivals

In today’s e-commerce climate, many business owners rely on third-party platforms due to their momentary benefits. This arrests their long-term growth as they disallowed brand-building efforts. Thus by standing out from the crowd, you kill the domestic competition in no time. People are likely to remember you as an exclusive brand, while your competitors will continue relying on some third-party platforms.

3. Lower promotion cost

Standalone businesses have a whole list of dedicated customers who make regular turnovers. These stores require minimal promotion to scale up their business as they rely on their brand-building efforts. On the other hand, e-commerce businesses that rely on third-party platforms cannot build their brand identity, resulting in recurring promotion costs. Therefore, no promotion budget is needed with an independent website built with FunPinPin. Even if you have to market your business, the costs will be much lower as you do not have to pay third-party platforms for every new sale you generate.


Having an independent website for an e-commerce business has become necessary in today’s world. Without this, the profit zone for your businesses is limited. But making an e-commerce website is a challenge in itself, which means that you have to rely on a reliable website builder.



FunPinPin is a website builder that paves your way towards a successful business. With its unprecedented Customer Support and reliable payment gateway integration, businesses can rely on this e-commerce site builder without any question. Secondly, FunPinPin allows you to own a high-speed website, which is critical for any business in the current environment. The professional e-commerce site builder also provides you with built-in plugins needed to design your e-commerce site uniquely.

For more information about FunPinPin, you can visit their website.