Future of Investment in Taj Residencia

Taj Residencia is expected to become one of Islamabad’s most exclusive housing societies. It is owned and developed by the Sardar Group of Companies, one of Pakistan’s most known contractors. Centaurus, a Sardar Group of Companies initiative, is an excellent measure for determining how far this project will progress. The amenities and qualities of this housing society are all appealing. The popularity of Taj Residencia is partly due to its excellent location, which is well-deserved.

The project is near CDA Sectors I-14 and I-15, and the I-14/15 Link Road serves as its entry. It implies that, even though the society is located in Rawalpindi, it provides quick access to Islamabad’s most famous sites. Although the development is small in comparison to other residential schemes in the area, it has managed to draw the attention of serious buyers and long-term investors.

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Development Update

Development on four blocks, A, B, C, and D, has been finished, while others are still in the process. If that wasn’t enough, there’s more! You can also take possession of these blocks and start building your home with only a 50% down payment. It will undoubtedly help buyers. According to the people contacted, the developers have made a considerable amount of progress on their building schedule. They begin their development operations as soon as a block is granted. The level and rate of development are the key reasons why so many people are keen to invest in Taj Residencia. The Taj Residencia developers are eager to complete the project as soon as possible because it will set the tone and expectations that people will associate with Pak Gulf Construction, and they want to set a promising premise as they expand further within this project, and then hopefully into other cities of Pakistan.

Agents advise making a long-term commitment to the project. They claim that while short-term investments can provide good outcomes, long-term investments can yield considerably better results. Undeveloped blocks are suitable for investors. Category plots, according to real estate agents, would be the most acceptable option there. As a result, when the prices are amended, an additional amount will be automatically added to these prices; however, given the current rate of development, new blocks may be constructed shortly, implying that an asking premium may be added within a year. It inevitably corresponds to a large profit margin.

What is the Future of Investment in Taj Residencia?

When viewed in the context of Bahria Town, Blue world and Gulberg, Taj Residencia is a comparatively small project. Given the developer’s rapid rate of construction/approval, it will eventually grow in size to compete with these projects – although this turn of events is anticipated to take some years, as good things take time. So, if you’re a long-term investor or a serious buyer looking to build a home in the next two years or so, society is a viable option. The project is particularly worth considering because it has a large commercial area and a variety of amenities such as parks and a school complex. Both I-14 and I-15 pass through it, and it acts as a commercial hub. Long-term investors may benefit in the same way as the project, and its surrounding areas grow. Prices will rise dramatically over time, making this a trend to keep an eye on.


To summarise, the future of investment in Taj Residencia appears to be quite bright and promising. The Society has everything it takes to succeed. Moreover, in the foreseeable future, it is likely to expand even more. So, if you’re seeking a higher standard of life at a reasonable price while still being close to the city’s centre, this is the place for you. Contact Sigma Properties for further information.

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