Gadgets You Need to for the Professional Gaming Setup

If you are a gamer, then you have probably thought about getting into professional gaming at one point in your life. Many people say that the world’s best players compete for millions of dollars in prize money – Making it similar to an actual sport. But what does one need to become competitive? Here are some gadgets you need to start killing it on the virtual battlefields!

1) The Headset:

A good headset like headphones for big head is important because unlike traditional games like football or basketball, Competitive gamers require teamwork and communication (which cannot be done without headsets) among other things to win matches. If you choose not use a headset while playing competitively, the chances of getting caught off guard by an enemy player gets very high.

2) The Mouse:

A good gaming mouse is also important for getting those headshots and winning crucial matches. One of the most popular mice in competitive gaming is Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum which has proved to be a favorite among gamers who play first person shooter games like CS-GO, Overwatch etc. from all around the world.

3) The Keyboard:  

Good quality keyboards are definitely important because you need to make sure that your characters input commands as fast as possible during competitive matches – Where milliseconds matter! Mechanical keyboards, especially ones with Cherry MX Blue switches have become a standard across eSports tournaments since they offer an advantage over other forms of key activation technology (like flappy keys or membrane).

4) The Monitor(s):  

A good quality monitor with a refresh rate of 144hz or even better 240hz is very important for competitive gaming because not only does it affect the responsiveness and accuracy of your crosshair movements, but also because many games offer time based events that can be enjoyed to their fullest potential when played on a high-end monitor.

5) The Platform:

To reach the point where you win big tournaments playing online requires a lot of practice – And in order to get there faster without wasting money by going bankrupt from buying new games every week, try using Steam’s awesome platform that allows you to rent servers where you can practice drills or just play against bots by yourself! This way if want to learn how to play CS-GO, you can do so from the comfort of your home without having to fork out money every time. Last but not least, try watching Twitch streams or YouTube tutorials because they can also help a lot when it comes down to improving your skills and reflexes in order to be able to compete with the best.

6) The Rig:

This is perhaps the most important aspect of professional gaming – Creating a rig that balances performance and price such that you can get the best results at all times. If you are on a very tight budget, then go for Intel’s i5 processors because they offer good performance at affordable rates. Similarly, Nvidia GTX 10 series graphics cards are preferred by gamers around the world because their powerful GPU’s allow them to play games in 4k resolution at high framerates without having to break their bank!

7) Weapon Controllers:  

Although many casual players use regular keyboards/mice to play shooter games, pro gamers who take competition seriously enough carry specific weapon controllers which are designed specifically one game only (like CS-GO) and have been made by the same company that produces their particular mouse. These controllers help players react faster to incoming threats from other players, which is a very important aspect of competitive gaming. 

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8) Other peripherals:

Wrist guards or Gloves are needed for games that require a lot of manual labor such as Starcraft 2 where you have to control units on a map – Having no opposition from your opponent can be both boring and frustrating at times. A wrist guard helps protect one’s hands from damage as they need to press buttons really fast in order to win matches, especially when playing against other human players online.

9) The Headset Stand:  

Although this may not seem like something you’d want if you’re an avid gamer, having your headset stand on your desk is extremely important if you want to improve your reflexes and response time – I can literally feel the difference between playing with my Razer Kraken Pro + Headset Stand compared to not having one.  Read More : Past Papers class 10


Now that all the most important aspects of professional gaming have been covered, you might wonder – Who is responsible for all this? Of course, there’s no one person who holds responsibility for eSports and competitive gaming except the players themselves because they work hard to hone their skills and strive towards becoming better each and every day.  gammers can also use printers to print their achievement which they achieve from online gaming, there are best printers under 500 which can be very easy you to use

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