Green architecture: a trend to cover buildings with greenery

Green architecture

Since 2014 with the inauguration of the Bosco Vertical in Milan, green architecture to cover buildings with greenery has positioned itself as a growing trend around the world.

In this post, we at NPHP will tell you all about the new way of dressing skyscrapers in green.

The new trend of green architecture

The designs used for the construction of buildings have been completely renovated for more than two decades. New shapes, more modern materials and with new functions are an integral part of its construction.

Of all the trends, green architecture has positioned itself, worldwide, as one of the most prestigious. It is about dressing the buildings with a good amount of trees and plants. The purpose is that vertical forests result and that they change their tones with each season. And, consequently, contribute to the reduction of pollution in large cities.

According to experts, the constant construction of buildings designed with green architecture increases the sustainability of the environment. In other words, green forests, located in the heart of some metropolises, can absorb a large amount of carbon dioxide and increase oxygen production. At the same time, achieve the reduction of hyper-fine particles caused by artificial heating, energy consumption due to the use of air conditioning and vehicular traffic.

What is this new concept of green architecture about?

Also called sustainable, green architecture is a modern concept to project and build considering various variables of environmental impact. These variables with:

  • The impact of the buildings themselves.
  • The amount of energy that is consumed in a reduced way over its useful life.

For the urbanization of cities, a diversity of resources are required that are not of low impact on the environment. Therefore, one of the tools used to measure the impact of building constructions is their life cycle. In turn, throughout the useful life of the building a certain amount of energy is necessary for its facilities to function. Therefore, with a sustainable project like ehsas nadra it is possible to achieve a considerable decrease (or reach zero) if the design manages to incorporate concrete measures regarding energy efficiency.

What are the life cycles of a building?

The life cycle of a building in green architecture can be divided into four different stages:

  1. A) Design and planning are considered the first factors of the environmental impact of a building. Therefore, it is of great importance that during this phase the main criteria for sustainable construction in green architecture are considered.
  2. B) Then the process continues with the construction phase of the building. In this stage, everything that has to do with the treatment and transport of raw materials is obtained. On the other hand, in this phase all the waste that is generated in the course of it must be managed, as well as from manufacturing and construction.
  3. C) The third stage is linked to the use of theThroughout the property exploitation phase, a series of actions will be carried out for maintenance, repair and renovation, if necessary. Therefore, they are activities that also involve a series of activities that generate a direct impact on the environment.
  4. D) Finally, and in fourth place, after a while, the activities necessary to demolish the building, carry out the processing of all the waste and take it to where it will be recycled or disposed of. This phase is called “end of life”. For the cases considered “from cradle to cradle”, this stage of the life cycle will be considered as a recycling stagewhich will constitute the beginning of a new cycle. That is, the construction of a new building with the planning of green architecture.

First vegetation skyscraper in Europe

In 2014 the first green architecture skyscraper was built in Europe. Milan was the privileged city and the construction of the work was in charge of Studio Boer Architect. Its inauguration implied a new way of understanding architecture. Its Bosco Vertical has two towers 80 and 112 meters high. They contain approximately 800 trees and the square meters covered by vegetation reach 3,000.

These types of buildings seek that a residential area is associated with an ecosystem, but in the city. That is, a forest of trees in urban areas with the capacity to house people and birds.

The new concept of green architecture promoted by Bosco Verticals has been the recipient of various awards. Like, for example, the CTBUCH Award, which has considered it the best tall building in the world. In turn, this work is among the 50 most symbolic and emblematic skyscrapers of the last five decades. And projects like imran khan house loan scheme is following this plan as well.

This type of green architecture focuses on the direct relationship between nature and human beings. At the conclusion of the construction of the Bosco Verticals, due to the innovative design and natural eco, many European metropolises decided to join the idea.

Some of the countries with incentives are:

  • The Netherlands: what is called the Wonder woods of Utrecht is being built here.
  • Switzerland: presents the Tower of Cedars in Lausanne
  • Brazil: the Rosewood Tower is being projected in the South American country. It will be a hotel building dressed in plants and trees.

In turn, there are already building projects with the design of green architecture in California, Australia or France.

Green architecture projects around the world

Two projects by architect Stefano Boer are currently being worked on in China. One of them is from the Vertical Green Forest of Nanjing, located about 300 m from Shanghai. And the other, the Easy home Hanging Vertical Forest City Complex.

Napkin Vertical Forest

The construction will consist of two towers to house more than 25 species of native plants, 600 medium trees and approximately 2,500 shrubs and plants. In relation to environmental sustainability, it will be around 18 tons in the reduction of C02 and, at the same time, more than 1 ton of oxygen will be produced annually.

Tower one will be 200 meters high and will end at the top with a green lantern. It will be made up of approximately 5,000 m5 of vines. From floors five to thirty-five will be used for offices, a bio architecture school, a museum and a private rooftop club. By its art, tower two will function as a hotel with 305 rooms. Also view: Past Papers class 10

The Easy home Hanging Vertical Forest City Complex

It is one of the most important and ambitious interventions of the Italian brand based in China. It is a group of buildings spread over 4.54 hectares. The buildings will be used for residences, hotels, shops and offices. They will be located in the interior province of Hubei, in the city of Hanging.

The Easy home Hanging Vertical Forest City Complex will function as a fusion point between ecology and innovation with its green architecture design. This construction will be composed of five towers, of which 2 will be used for houses and with the design of vertical forests.

At the end of 2020, the 90 meters of height of the first of the trees that will be part of this new concept were raised. The indigenous Hubei specimen, Osman thus fragrant, was the first species to be incorporated. To it will be added a variety of more than 395 trees per tower, 12,000 perennials, and 3,600 shrubs.

The design aims to use the native flora of each of the regions in which the company is established. The search focuses on species little used in traditional gardening in the area. This point is what adds an image and identity of biodiversity to the project.

The balconies are built in a regular way so that the plants that cover them can develop freely in height and so that they fit perfectly with the design thought for the facade. In this way, people will be able to enjoy the landscape of the city through a new experience by being able to feel that they are in a natural place surrounded by plants and trees. Ultimately, the main objective of green architecture is to present a new way of experiencing a direct connection with nature in a completely urban context.

Finally, it is stipulated that by the end of 2021 the projects, which are already underway, be concluded.

 “The Hanging and Nanking Towers are destined to become a benchmark for green and sustainable architecture in Southeast Asian countries.”

 Architect Boer, Stefano.

Singapore and a project that has not been completed

In Asia, another major project that has attracted attention is EDEM. It is a garden that is suspended in the sky and designed and created by the architectural professional Thomas Heather wick. The forest is located in Singapore and it is a real completely green paradise with a 22-story building. It is 104.5 meters high and its houses are equipped with undulating terraces, covered with flora with a great view of the city.

The EDEM was designed to resemble a vertebral Columba: vertical straight lines that are marked by fine windows that give the sensation of the shape of a column. In the middle, large balconies are located. Its structure ensures total privacy on each of its floors and the main idea of ​​creating a garden in each of the residences was related to the need to correct the disconnect between the skyscrapers and the large amount of vegetation in the town. This purpose, completely linked to the vision conceived by the father of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew, as the “city in a garden”.

Another of the characteristics that stand out in the suspended garden is the attic. It has an area of ​​900 square meters, with an entrance of light from three of its fully wooded balconies.

The EDEM is a construction that houses domestic life so that the city is part of the mime and not the other way around. Therefore, its design entails a mandatory adaptation to the environment, characterized by a truly tropical vitality.

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