‘Freedom’ – The word itself sounds liberating. 

Freedom to explore unconventional career paths. Freedom to work wherever you want in the world. Freedom to work on the go – an arrangement where you travel as well as earn.

That’s the dream, right? 

Well, most people are turning that dream into a reality. The world is ferociously moving towards a gig economy. The number of people ditching their 9-5 jobs is at an all-time high. When 1 out of 3 people are opting to become freelancers or solopreneurs, we know there’s some serious shift happening. 

  • A Citrix study shows that 50% of the workforce will be office-free by 2020.
  • Global Workplace Analytics says that the remote workforce has increased by 140% since 2005.

However, all this wasn’t possible until now. 

The world we live in has been shrunken by the internet. The only two things you need to make a living are – a laptop and a great internet connection. 

But what if you’re a business on the go? What if you’ve workers residing in north and south of the world? Or what if – you’re that worker? How do you stay connected with your customers or your co-workers then?

Well, there’s nothing to fret about.

Here’s your ultimate tool kit.

A virtual phone number.

What is that?

A virtual phone number is a business number on the cloud that is not assigned to a particular telephone; rather, it is used to divert the call to a designated phone number(s). It uses the Internet to make and receive calls and is compatible with laptops, computers, tablets, mobile phones, etc.

Basically, a virtual phone number is the smart tool you’ve always needed. With it, you do not have to be tied to a physical location. All you need is an internet connection, and you’ll be able to receive calls from anywhere in the world. 

Here are the big benefits – 

  • A Loyal customer base – If you want to build a loyal customer base, investing in local numbers is the way to go. Customers will trust you more when you use a number that is familiar to them. It will wrap your brand with credibility and serve your customers with added transparency.
  • Comprehensive features – Unlike a regular number, a virtual phone number comes with a plethora of innovative features. Be it call queuing, interactive voice response, voicemail, call planning or call recording, a virtual phone number can do it all. Plus, the unparalleled call quality – seals the deal.
  • Cost-effective – The extensive range of international and domestic plans keeps you connected with your customers without burning a hole in your pocket. The cost is cut-down significantly as your business doesn’t need to maintain separate networks for data and phones. The cost of maintaining multiple landlines at your office is slashed as VoIP phone numbers allow you to receive calls even from your smartphone.
  • Uncompromised availability- You cannot afford not to know how to treat your customers. You need to be there to attend them at all times. A VoIP phone number makes sure of that. With it, your customers will always be able to connect with you. In case the call is not received at one extension, it is forwarded to another extension to another employee, making sure it is not missed. 
  • Hassle-free –VoIP phone numbers lets you avoid the hassle of installing multiple phone systems in your office space. So, as long as you have internet access, you can use your VoIP phone number to make and receive calls from multiple devices – including your smartphone.
  • Security – A VoIP phone number is not your regular business number. Unlike traditional numbers, the VoIP business numbers have standardized encryption protocols that efficiently secure your calls and data.    
  • Automated assistance – There are certain general questions that are frequently asked. Instead of an employee repeating the answers, time, and again, a VoIP number allows you to automate such answers. This helps to solve customers’ general queries at all hours of the day.

VoIP will save the day for you.

 However, here are some additional tips that will come in handy to the digital nomad in you-

  • Make sure you always have a good internet connection. 
  • Try to make a rough travel plan in mind.
  • Invest in a local prepaid SIM
  • Make sure you’re available on email. 
  • Leverage instant messaging options.
  • Give prior information if you cannot be available for a day or two.


Being able to work in the manner you want can unlock your potential like never before.

Having said that, your travel can be accompanied by immense stress if you aren’t well prepared. As a business, you need to make certain that your travel doesn’t hamper your relationship with your customers. 

A VoIP number lets you enjoy your journey while making sure that your business doesn’t suffer. Now you know-how!