How can WoW professions boosts make a difference for you?

WoW boosting is an important part of the modern WoW experience since it helps players enjoy the game to the fullest. Instead of suffering through all the time-gated activities and other routines that Blizzard add to World of Warcraft in an ever-increasing amount each expansion, you can simply choose which parts of the game you enjoy yourself and which of them you delegate to pros. It’s that simple: let a hired team take care of all that grinding and farming. And after they’re done, you log back in and play the game with the newly acquired rewards and powers.

WoW Professions boosting is a part of that. Instead of raising the skill level for your professions, you let specially trained people do that for you. And who will enjoy the fruits of their labour? You! Use your maxed profession to earn lots of gold at the auction house and be of help to your guild and your own characters. A well-leveled profession is a key to great and regular income in WoW. Let’s take a closer look at how WoW professions boosts make a difference for any player.

What is the idea of WoW professions boosts?

To make it easier to understand, let’s imagine a situation. Say, you want to become an engineer in WoW. You already have a high-level character but you’re absolutely clueless about how to effectively raise your newly learnt profession. There are so many things to consider: you don’t even know what to begin with. Do you think it’s a smart idea to start reading through dozens of guides to find the best way to level up your engineering? Watching videos, looking for relevant websites, and doing lots of research of all kinds. If you really feel like understanding the topic, go ahead. But it will be absolutely alright to answer “No!” to that question since not everyone is willing to spend that much spare time learning how to play the game instead of playing it.

Gathering professions are about collecting raw materials that will be later used in crafting professions to create valuable items. There are 3 such professions and 3 respective boosts for them.

That’s where WoW professions boosts come in. You don’t have to do anything except for hiring a pro player. They know exactly how to max your profession the right way. There are lots of roadmaps for that and each pro has their own favourite one. You don’t have to learn to tell one such roadmap from the other – just leave it to people who are paid to do that. Thus you’ll save lots of time for yourself and get the desired result sooner.

What WoW professions boosts are there?

There are 3 types of professions and all of them can be boosted. Those types are:

  • Gathering professions
  • Crafting professions
  • Bonus professions

Gathering professions are about collecting raw materials that will be later used in crafting professions to create valuable items. There are 3 such professions and 3 respective boosts for them:

  • Herbalism boost
  • Mining boost
  • Skinning boost

Crafting professions use mats collected with gathering professions to make the so-called end-products that can be used directly by any player. It can be armor, weapons, upgrades, and so on. There are 8 such professions and as many respective boosts:

  • Alchemy boost
  • Blacksmithing boost
  • Enchanting boost
  • Engineering boost
  • Inscription boost
  • Jewelcrafting boost
  • Leatherworking boost
  • Tailoring boost

Finally, there are 3 bonus professions that are all unique in their own way:

  • Archaeology
  • Cooking
  • Fishing

You can find all the available WoW professions boosts in the special section of the ArmadaBoost website:

What other WoW boosts are there?

Professions are an important part of the game but they are definitely not the biggest one of them. There are so many other things to power-up your character fast and efficiently with. We at ArmadaBoost have a great catalog of amazing services all of which can be of great help to WoW players. You can start with leveling up your character, then getting it some decent gear in M+0 dungeons, and carry on to high-level keys or raids. Find all the boosts you might ever need in WoW in our dedicated section right here:


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