How Can You Keep Your Customer Base Engaged?

13 Easy And Effective Customer Engagement Strategies - BuildFire

You want to tap every available resource to connect with your customer base, but you also need to be careful about overextending your marketing budget on people whose business you’ve already successfully won. In general it is a good practice for business owners to concentrate their efforts on the communication channels that are most likely to yield results. If you need to step up your marketing activities to engage your existing customers, here are some of the approaches that you should consider.

Gear Materials Towards Customers’ Interests 

Customize the messaging and tactics that you use to cultivate customer relationships. While you want to have mass appeal, winning over well-defined subsets of consumers and demographics is going to help you develop your niche and reinforce credibility. Use metrics from a customer data platform that can give you details about customers’ purchase histories, potential interests, and whether or not they’ve been receptive to past efforts that you’ve used to connect with them.

Another benefit of using this type of platform to generate communications is that it gives you a central system to track your outreach with specific customers. You can pull up a calendar to review previous contacts with individuals or businesses and set reminders that will alert you to the optimal time to connect with them again.

Get Noticed in People’s Inboxes

You can’t plague your customers with emails to lure them onto your business’ website for no particular reason. Of course, lots of companies try this ploy simply because they’re desperate for the web traffic. However, you’ve got to be mindful of the fact that people are already a little fed up with the barrage of promotional emails that they get which seem to lack substance.

When you send communications as part of an ongoing email campaign to keep customers engaged, you’d better really have something to tell them. An excessive volume of messages that lack substance is almost certain to be deleted, and they could ultimately prompt people to unsubscribe from emails.

First and foremost, make sure that you say what’s important in the email heading. Second, include promotional offers that have meaningful value for people. Any percentage discount in the single digits is not adequate. In sum, you’ve got to create eye-catching subject lines, offer good incentives, and call attention to products or services that fit your recipients’ interests.

Get Your Customers to Use Your App

The convenience of an app is a remarkably appealing feature to attract and retain good customers. Downloading and using an app makes clear that a customer is committed to an ongoing relationship with a company. Once people have grown accustomed to the ease and routine of a specific app’s interface, they’d need a compelling reason to let go of it. In fact, people often aren’t willing to get rid of an app to make purchases if there isn’t a comparably competitive app offering the same services.

Even if the price points that a company offers aren’t particularly great or the product that they’re selling has subpar quality, a fantastic app can continue earning companies repeat business from only moderately satisfied customers. Pizza delivery is a great example of this phenomenon. Some of the most profitable chains serve up extremely poor-quality products. Nevertheless, they have plenty of willing consumers because they’ve marketed themselves aggressively and they’ve given people first-rate technology that delivers exceptionally user-friendly technology to order a pizza.

Staking your claim on a home screen that people hold in the palm of their hands throughout their day is a monumental achievement. If you can create an interface that has excellent design elements and features, a customer’s first positive experience using your app is likely to lead to many more.

To hang onto your customers, you’ve got an advantage insofar as you already know something about them. Use what you know about people to determine the best channels to reach them and the type of messaging that you should use.

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