Internet users often create blogs on the video hosting site YouTube. Some turn this activity into a hobby. And for others it is a full-fledged job.

One of the basic things that every video blogger should know about when creating content is how to watch the subscribers on “YouTube” on your channel or on the resource of another person.

This is done in several ways from the PC and from the phone. This information will be useful for those who want to know who is subscribed to it and for those who want to analyze followers.

How to see subscribers on someone else’s channel

See the people who subscribe to someone else’s channel is not possible, although, previously everyone could do it. Only the total number of subscribers who have subscribed to someone else’s channel is available for free viewing. Some use the function of hiding people who have subscribed to their resource, so visitors will not see the number of followers. Lowcostsmm – has everything for your YouTube channel and Instagram account, namely: real subscribers, views and more.

For those who buy advertising from the owners of large information resources, detailed statistics are provided. But it can only be requested from the owner, third-party access to this data is impossible.

There are third-party services that allow you to get detailed information about the account of another person or company, but even they do not show who exactly is subscribed to someone else’s channel.

How to see subscribers on your channel

The number of followers is one of the signs by which they judge the success of a particular blogger. But it is not only their number that is important, but also the quality. Channel owners can view the pages of subscribers to analyze the taste and mood of their audience. You can view followers from any device, but not all methods will work on a smartphone like on a PC.

Back to the classic studio version

You can find out the number of subscribers to your page through the classic version of YouTube Studio. To do this:


  • go to the video hosting site, log in;
  • then click on your portrait in the upper right corner and click on “Creative Studio”.

The user will be moved to a new version of the studio, from which you need to switch to the classic studio. To do this:

  • in the list of options on the left side of the screen, select the last “Classic version of Creative Studio”;
  • a box will appear to indicate the reason for switching the version, which you can skip using the button in the lower right corner.

The old interface will open, in which you will find the function to view the subscribers:

  • click on “Community” and select “Subscribers” from the three buttons that drop down;
  • this will open a page showing the names and nicknames of all subscribers of this channel.

You can freely view any of these profiles.

Via Subscription Counter

It is possible to view the followers using the subscription counter on your channel. All you will have to do is visit your page and click on the number that shows the number of subscriptions at the moment. You will be sent to a page containing information about all the people subscribed to you.

Google Analytics

You can’t view specific profiles with this tool. You can use it to analyze your audience’s overall size and behavior. You can find this analytics in YouTube’s Creative Studio.

There will be an “Analytics” button on the list on the left that will send the user to a page with information about how big their audience is, where it’s coming from, the dynamics of the metrics, and which videos are attracting new people.

Third-party sites to view subscriptions

Third-party sites give the user the ability to perform checks and perform analysis on their audience. With the help of special tools, there is an online tracking of the dynamics of growth in the number of subscriptions, making predictions that report on the theoretical rate of recruiting the number of people.

This data can be useful for bloggers and marketers engaged in advertising and promotion. You can find these sites by typing into a search engine query: “Analysis of YouTube channel subscribers.

Among the results that the search engine will show, you will find some of the necessary sites. You should be wary of suspicious resources that require you to enter your account details. The most inexpensive subscribers you can buy are on for your YouTube channel.

Through the search bar

Users can get to the page with their subscribers using the address bar of the browser. To do this, type “” into it and press enter. You will find yourself in the creative studio, where YouTube channel subscribers are displayed.

In the new version of Creative Studio

You can also see who is subscribed to your YouTube channel in the new studio. To do this, you have to:

  • Go to your account and select the “Creative Studio” button;
  • In the list of functions, find “Other functions”, hover your mouse over it, and select “Edit channel” in the list that appears;
  • This will redirect you to the page;
  • In the upper left corner will be a button with the size of the audience, which you can click and see a list of names.

This doesn’t work with accounts created this year, because the redirection is to an older version of Working Studio.

From your phone.

Unfortunately, the ability to view the list of subscribers to the blog, is not in the official YouTube app for smartphones. Therefore, you need to use your phone’s browser:

  • Go to the official video hosting site from your phone, log in and go to your profile.
  • Then, in the upper right corner, press the button with three dots and select the option “PC version” in the drop-down menu.
  • Then, repeat the steps you performed on the PC to view the subscribers. Either follow the direct link to the follower page, or use the old studio, or click on the number of channel subscribers.

Viewing your subscribers is a good audience measurement tool available to channel owners. Studying follower profiles has helped authors choose the right vector for their activity. This opportunity should not be neglected. Use all the resources and methods to attract, retain the audience.

How to know when you’re subscribed to a channel. Why and how to hide subscribers on YouTube

Today I’ll tell you and show you a short video on the subject of subscribers on YouTube. About how you can quickly remove those subscribers on YouTube, who unsubscribed from you or were not subscribed at all, but they are in your subscription.

So how to identify such subscribers on YouTube and painlessly and quickly remove them from your channel? On YouTube it is not provided, but we still do it quickly with the help of my bot and ingenuity again!

Let’s get down to the seemingly impossible task – removing subscribers on YouTube, who are not subscribed to your channel.

And so, let’s begin…

Removing subscribers on YouTube unsubscribes to your channel

I think you have now figured out imacros for firefox and learned how to install it and how to use it.

Now you and I need to go to your page subscribers on YouTube, I have it at the address, but in principle, like everyone else: page.

Are you there? You should get to this page:

Here you will see how many people you are subscribed to on YouTube. If that doesn’t work, follow this plan to get to your YouTube subscribers page:

  • Log in to gmail.
  • Go to YouTube.
  • And click on the “Subscriptions” tab.

That’s it, you now know how many channels you are subscribed to on YouTube.

Then we need to know how many people are subscribed to your YouTube channel. That’s what we’ll find out when we get to this page. My example of youtube subscribers:

How to get there? Very easy!

  • Go to your YouTube channel
  • Then “Video Manager”.
  • Click on “Community” in the page that opens.
  • And then select “Subscribers.”

All you’re on the right page where you can see how many subscribers you have on YouTube, who are signed up to you.

Next step – removing subscribers on YouTube unsubscribed to you

With this bot, you and I unsubscribe from all channels on YouTube. But do not worry, we unsubscribed from all!

After that, we will subscribe to all those who were subscribed to us again. And this we will do to you also in automatic mode with the help of my second bot, which will help us in this!!!

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