What Is Dogeco?


A relatively new online currency

Dogeco is a relatively new online currency that has taken the world by storm. Started around March 2009, it is based on the joke “Dogsage” – a reference to the old Belgian coins that were used as money back then. The founders of dogeco are Belgian businessmen whose names are Jordi and Markel van der Haan. The coins are traded in the dogex exchange, which acts as an online currency exchange.

A decentralized protocol enables making money by exchanging other currencies

Dogeco is actually a decentralized protocol, similar to Ether, that enables members to make money by exchanging other currencies. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, however, dogeco is different because it uses a special kind of cryptographic token. This token called a “doke,” is actually a piece of computer code that dictates how different currencies can be spent in doge communities. By doing this, members are able to communicate without needing to use the same key needed to log in to doge communities and make their purchases. Because of its unique design, dogeco is different from other forms of cryptographic currencies.

The Dogeco’s Growth

The original dogeco was created during August of 2009

Dogeco was developed from a dogebilly band that started out as an online social networking site and has gone through several changes and developments since. There are now a total of eleven dogemos that exist, but the original dogeco was created during August of 2009 and has been going strong ever since. The dogeco code has been modified several times and the logo has also been changed several times. Many people think that dogeco is more of an antique trend than a truly digital currency.

Reason for the dogeco’s growth

The dogeco was launched with a minimum of $1.00 and is meant to help people in poor countries be able to buy things with actual cash. Dogecoin has since risen in value exponentially and has become the second most popular online currency, after litecoin. However, dogecoin has no relation to Litecoin or any other virtual currency. The founders claim dogeco‘s growth is due to its unique system of rewarding users for their loyalty. As doge coins are “born” from doge eggs, owners are said to get a share of ownership in the dogecoin.

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Dogeco Promotions

Dogeco has no official website

The great thing about dogeco is that it does not have an official website, so there is not much promotion or marketing done. Due to this lack of promotion, many dogecoin investors are unfamiliar with dogeco and how it works, so it is actually a relatively new concept for them. However, dogeco has proven itself to be quite resilient and strong. It has lasted over two years and has never fallen in its value. This is in contrast to other altcoins that have experienced a rapid and massive decline in their value, such as Litecoin, Peercoin, and Gold Coin.

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Doge coins have very low market cap

Dogeco is not like other Cryptocurrencies because they have a rather low market cap. Unlike most other cryptosurfs ( Cryptocurrency), doge coins have a very low market cap because of the low demand for the token. This means that doge would continue to grow in the future, but not as rapidly as other virtual currencies. The future growth for dogeco is unknown.

Use the doge note system for advertising and marketing

Unlike many other new websites that have used the “buzz” method in the past, dogegos has chosen to use the doge note system for advertising and marketing. Dogeco owners send out a dogebilly postcard every four months with a short description of themselves and what they do. The doge note can be anything but must be creative and funny. The doge card is then posted in dogeco circles all around the world. The doge card is then collected by the owners in return for a small fee.

This unique type of promotion attracts people from all over the world

One of the great things about this unique type of promotion is that it attracts people from all over the world. Since dogeco cards are printed in multiple countries and are widely available, anyone interested in promoting the dogecoin price should join dogeco circles. People from all over the world are familiar with the currency and its values, so they will most likely be interested in promoting dogecoins. In addition, people in these countries may be interested in learning more about dogeco etiquette. Also Read: fbise past papers

Dogeo reward is an interesting aspect of dogecoin

As you can see, dogeco is an innovative way to promote the value of dogeco in the internet community. Users can also earn and receive dogeco rewards depending on their participation level and dogecoin balance. This is just one of the many interesting aspects of dogecoin that makes it worth having an account and getting started. If you haven’t taken advantage of this promotion, now might be a great time to do it!

The Dogecoin community on Twitter

The Dogecoin community has taken to Twitter to express their excitement with dogeco and their desire to make dogeco a millionaire with the coin. However, it seems that many of these tweets are merely a sales pitch in order to get people to follow them on Twitter and be followed back to dogeco. Some tweets have actually contained affiliate links to products such as iPhones, however, there is no indication whether or not these links are legitimate. A little research would tell us that a lot of these dogeco tweets could be nothing but sales pitches. One thing is for sure, the dogeco Twitter community is not taking it lying down.

The Potentiality Value Of Dogecoin


Substantial growth in value since its inception four months ago

One of the most exciting things about dogeco is that it has grown substantially in value since its inception four months ago. At the time of its launch, dogeco was valued at less than ten cents each. Today, this virtual currency is valued at more than one hundred and fifty US dollars. With so much growth behind it, there is no telling how long it will keep rising in value. For now, however, dogecoin is the best option for those interested in purchasing the right amount of Altcoin or token, without having to go through the trouble of opening an account with a conventional online trading company.

The value of dogecoin was known only to a few people back then, but it was quickly picked up by investors and traders, who saw the great potential of doge as a future of currency success. Doge’s price has shot up in recent months and has already reached a high of almost $12.5 a dogecoin. This shows that dogecoin’s value is increasing along with its popularity. In just 4 months, dogecoin has already passed the one-year mark of its existence on the market.

What Makes Dogeco Stand Out From Other Altcoins?


Easy to use and a great way to make quick and easy cash

When did dogeco become a popular investment vehicle? What makes dogeco stand out from other Altcoins? Well, dogeco is easy to learn, it’s easy to understand, and it’s a great way to make quick and easy cash. The reason why dogeco has become so popular over the past year is that it eliminates the risk of holding large amounts of Alt coins, as well as greatly reduces your monthly expenses. Since it doesn’t cost much to trade in doge, the average investor can earn tens of thousands of dogeco coins in a month or less.

Everyone can use dogeco regardless of financial status

Unlike many Altcoins, dogeco was designed so that anyone can use it regardless of previous financial history or current financial status. You do not need to have thousands of dollars in order to invest in doge, nor do you need to have access to a personal computer with internet access in order to start investing in doge. In fact, you don’t even need to know how to write a dogeco code in order to receive the benefits of this new form of Altcoin.

Bearing an “old world” appeal

Many of the users have indicated that dogeco is quite interesting because of its “old world” appeal. It has a vintage appeal that seems to go with the older generation and the nostalgic value of something like dogecoin makes it even more interesting. Just like any other coin, dogecoin is graded on the four S’s: Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Silver. This grading system draws from the idea that gold has higher worth and silver has a lower value. DOGE has a total value of $10.5 presently and has been traded well above this figure for the last several years.

How Dogeco Can Make You Some Profits!

Dogeco was developed as an alternative to the traditional currency used in the Internet marketplace – the Dollar. Dogeco is a new form of Cryptocurrency that is gaining in popularity every day. Dogeco is based on the principle of a doge (a dog) symbolizing money in the African country of Swahili. There have been several “citations” to dogeco from newspapers and other sources, but no actual transaction has been made.


Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer ‘s findings about Dogecoin Trading

Today dogeco is not traded like other currencies but is rather purchased and sold with doge (the symbol for currency) rather than a credit card or bank account number. Dogeco was started around four months ago as an experiment to see if the concept would catch on and whether or not the value would be worth investing in. Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer first began doing trades with dogeco when they both had just completed their Master’s degrees. They invested their doge for about four months in order to determine if the idea would catch on, and their findings are as follows:

Dogecoin trading has low risk

Since there are only a few thousand transactions every day, there is little risk associated with investing. The value of doge has increased by approximately twenty-seven percent over the past four months. This increase was not unexpected as there is very little supply and high demand for this new currency. As more people learn of dogeco and begin to trade it, the value will likely grow faster than the supply. This trend may continue as more people learn of dogeco and begin to invest with it as well.

WoW insurance

Unlike other Cryptocurrency, WoW Insurance offers actual value instead of chance. This is a great benefit for those that have investment goals such as purchasing real estate with dogeco, investing in commodities, or traveling around the world. It’s no surprise that dogeco investors are making large sums of money with WoW insurance. Unfortunately, due to its popularity, there is an overwhelming amount of competition in this niche which can deter investors from becoming successful.

Make money with dogeco through smart investing strategies

The good news is that there is an easy way to distinguish yourself from the rest of the crowd and still make money with dogeco. A great way to do this is through smart investing strategies. These strategies are made to identify potential opportunities that can make dogeco much more profitable than it currently is. These strategies take a bit of time to develop and implement but will save you a great deal of money in the end. During the process of developing these strategies, dogecoin traders should keep in mind that the market trends are always changing. You should change your strategy regularly in order to keep up with the pace of the trends and investments available in the market.

Dogecoin prices tend to fluctuate up and down every now and then

Just remember that when trading any type of currency, dogecoin prices tend to fluctuate up and down every now and then. For this reason, dogeco investors should be prepared to lose quite a bit of money from time to time. However, with the proper dogeco trading strategy in place, dogecoin investors can make back almost all of their investment in a relatively short period of time. Remember to always be profitable, take your time, and stay dedicated to the process so you can see your dogeco investments pay off big time…


So what are you waiting for? If dogeco doesn’t appeal to you, then you definitely want to look into the next Altcoin that has recently popped up. There are plenty more out there and they have also begun to become more popular over the past few months. Remember, dogeco is the way to go if you are looking for a quick and easy way to turn a few dollars into hundreds of doge each month!

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