Halal-certified food is in demand, and with increased demand for halal products, many restaurants are determined to add halal food, such as halal Fried Chicken, to their menu. Is halal-certified food work for restaurants our primary concern, or is it just their thought to get business by adding halal-certified products to their menu? Let’s find out how halal food works for restaurants.

What is Halal certification?

Halal certification is a process in which restaurants and food providers comply with Islamic dietary laws. The term halal means food permissible according to Islamic laws and abides by prohibited food according to Islamic dietary laws. Restaurants should follow specific guidelines to get Halal certification, and here are some points on how the Halal certification process works for food providers and restaurants. Halal food is the Best food due to its unique taste and healthy effects on the body, and we should consider these points for halal certification.

  1. Before a restaurant applies for halal certification, restaurant owners and staff should understand the term halal well. Food that is prepared, processed, and served according to Islamic dietary law is considered to be halal. Ingredients that are not permissible in Islam are excluded from this food. 
  2. Restaurants that want to have a halal certification need to choose a reputable certifying organization. A responsible and reputable organization ensures restaurants meet halal requirements. Select the organization that is credible to get halal certification. 
  3. The restaurant should fill out the application and complete the process given to them by certifying the organization. This application includes the detail of the menu and ingredients used in the recipe, food preparation methods, and storage process details. 
  4. Once the organization receives a restaurant application, the organization conducts an onsight survey or inspection to monitor the process. It includes storage areas, kitchen facilities, and food handling practices. They evaluate whether the restaurant meets the requirement and standards set by the halal certification organization.
  5. They also verify and review the ingredients to comply with the halal guidelines. They also verify no cross-contamination with non-halal items in the restaurant.
  6. The organization also checks the restaurant hygiene system and food preparation processes. They observe the cleaning process of utensils, equipment, and food reparation areas.
  7. They also give necessary training and provide a guideline to the related staff to take precautionary measures and follow the guidelines according to Islamic dietary laws.
  8. After all the essential procedures and evaluations, the certification organization decides on halal certification. If the restaurant meets all the requirements, they will inform you that your restaurant qualifies for the halal certification.
  9. After certifications, the organization keeps tracking and monitoring that the restaurant follows the guidelines given to them. If they meet the needs of the requirements of Islamic dietary law, then their certification continues; otherwise, they cancel it. 

Best Halal-Certified Restaurants You Must Try  

There are many halal-certified restaurants, but we find two of them that meet all the needs required for Islamic dietary laws.

Crimson Coward

Many of us are aware of the name Crimson Coward because we are Nashville Hot Chicken lovers, and Crimson is one of the best to have this spicy and savory fried chicken. They are halal-certified and meet all the requirements that are needed for Islamic dietary law. 

The  Food looks fantastic, made from halal, non-GMO chicken from reputable farms and served fresh. Crimson Rub, a tremendous mixture of 16 primary and 32 secondary spices, makes it more delectable and flavorful with spicy hot for spice lovers. 

When it comes to certified halal food, no one can beat Crimson Coward because they never compromise on Islamic dietary laws and the process of food production. Therefore, Crimson Coward should be your first choice when you need halal food.

BiG AL’S Pizzeria

BiG AL’S Pizzeria is the second most lovable halal-certified food place. If you are craving halal food, especially Halal Pizza, then as per the name BiG AL’S Pizzeria should be on the top list. It has a massive fanbase of halal food lovers because of its halal, high-quality, and fresh food. 

They never compromise on quality, hygiene, and Islamic dietary laws and serve their guests the best and halal food. Once you have food at BiG AL’S, you will never miss a chance to have it again, especially their unique Desserts that change the taste of your tongue from savory to sweet in style.


We have discussed how halal certification works for the restaurant and get detailed information to have accreditation from reputable, certified organizations. We have come across two of the most favorite and leading halal food providers that meet all the requirements of Islamic dietary laws.

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