How much do wholesale skateboards cost?


Skateboarders are always on the hunt for a new skateboard to add to their collection. It can be hard finding a skateboard that is affordable but still high in quality and durability. This post will explore how much wholesale skateboards cost and what factors influence this cost, including size, number of decks in the set, and more. Skateboarders should not have to worry about spending an arm and a leg just because they want to buy some new boards. The price of wholesale skateboards ranges from $2-$250+, depending on many different factors such as size, number of decks in the set, etc.  In general, larger skateboard decks cost more than smaller ones. The average street-skate deck costs around $25, whereas a longboard deck, can go up to as much as $100. If you are looking for the skateboard at cheapest rate then visit this chinasaleonline website.

The shape of the boards also plays a large role in their price. For example, cruiser and penny board decks are cheaper than other shapes because they have less concave and do not have any features that would make them easier or harder to use for tricks or cruising purposes. There is also a range in quality between penny boards and other boards on the market; similarly, there is a range between cruiser boards and other types.

Skateboard truck

Skateboard trucks are much like an automotive axle. Think about how a car moves and operates, then imagine that same motion applied to skateboarding with one big exception: instead of four wheels on the ground at all times, this method only uses two-wheeled vehicles–the “trucks.” Skaters use these metal T-shaped components attached beneath their decks for stability while they’re doing tricks or going fast across various surfaces without losing momentum.  While most skaters will make use of caliber trucks on their setup, the decision to upgrade to forged was likely made by more than a few. The benefit of using forged truck designs is that they are both stronger and lighter than their CNC counterparts. Two major companies that specialize in making these heavy-duty structures for skateboarding are Independent Truck Company and Precision Truck Company. Over the past decade or so, many of the world’s best professional riders have adopted them into their setups. While both offer “standard” styles, each company also has high-end options with unique features for added functionality.

Grip tape for skateboard

If you’ve glanced at the upper side of a board (the deck), you’ve probably seen a layered, rough surface. The grip tape serves a basic purpose: it guarantees that the skateboard sticks to your boots while you’re boarding and moving around on the board. Many skateboarders cut patterns onto grip tape to make it comfortable and improve control and traction. Whereas most people seem to think of grip tapes as also being dark, the material comes in a variety of hues.

Wheels of skateboard

The wheels, that are connected to a skate truck, guarantee that your skateboarding voyage is reasonably smooth. The wheels are typically composed of polyurethane and range in size between 40 to 70 cm. The hardest feature of a skateboard’s tires is their hardness, which can be evaluated on a durometer scale ranging from zero to one hundred. These are just a handful of the skating phrases used by professionals and experienced skateboarders while discussing their boards. Skateboarders may be one-of-a-kind characters with lively personalities, but their boards are as brilliant and extraordinary as those incredible feats they can perform on them.