How to Clean Portable Air Conditioner

If you have an air conditioner in your home then it is very important to clean it. If you will not clean your air conditioner it will not last long.

For example, if you have turned your air conditioner on after a few months it will smell weird. So, it is essential to maintain your air conditioner. Maintaining the air conditioner means keeping it clean and keeping the air high quality and fresh.

After cleaning the air conditioner once a year is not enough to clean it daily so that the portable air conditioner provides useful work.

If the weather outside is hot then clean you should clean the air conditioner. It is very important to clean the conditioner after every six months but professionals suggest cleaning the filter after every month to maintain fresh air.

It is very challenging and takes a lot of time and effort when you will first clean the air conditioner. Cleaning the portable air conditioner is not difficult it is quite simple and easy all you have to do is to follow the below-mentioned steps.

Main Reasons:

Turn off the air conditioner

Before you clean your air conditioner always first turn it off and unplug it from the central power source. As you are going to change the filter you would not want your unit to operate while it is not attached.

After unplugging the wire from your air conditioner, you should gather all the necessary tools that you will need to clean the system.

The tools such as vacuum cleaner with soft brushes attachment or a clean cloth for cleaning purposes. If you are going the clean the aircon from outside then you also need to unplug the cables and exhaust hose from the unit.

Clean and replace the air filters

Before you purchase the Air conditioner read the manual carefully. Most of the Air conditioners have more than one filter in the box.

It is very essential to keep your air filters clean so that your system can work efficiently and properly. If the air filters are dirty, they will get blocked and the air conditioner has to work harder to maintain the coolness in your room.

When the conditioner will apply more power to work properly, they will become damaged in a short time. So, it is very important to check them twice a month and replace them with new ones if they are dirty and blocked.

On the air conditioners, you will find the removable covers similar to grills you can remove that, and beneath you will find the filters. Different air conditioners have different air filters some filters are washable, others are disposable, and need to be replaced.

If the air filters are washable then first remove the filter clean it gently with the vacuum or clean cloth. You can easily bend the filter because they are made up of scree. Let it dry completely and put it back inside the conditioner. Try to set the filter in the right place.

Ways to clean the filter

There are many ways to clean the air conditioner filter. Some of them are mentioned below.

  1. Soak: One of the best ways to clean the filter is to soak the filter in the water. Take a large tub or container filled with water so that each edge of the filter is completely soaked in water. When the filter will soak in water the dust balls can dissolve in water. After a few moments take the filter out of the water and clean it with a clean cloth to dry it.
  2. Spray: Use a bottle that is filled with water along with detergent and spray it on the screen so that each edge of the screen is completely wet. If you don’t want to spray it gently wipe the screen with a brush.
  3. Vacuum: In this step, you don’t need water to clean the screen. Use a vacuum having small brushes and pass through the surface of the filter. The filter will suck all the dust stuck on the filter. Done attach filter in the air conditioners immediately cleaning it leave it to dry first and then place it back to the right place.

Clean the coils:

Coils in the portable Air conditioner are also a very important component. It is very important to clean the dust from the coils be careful while cleaning the coils otherwise you will damage them.

Coils are placed behind the filters. When you will remove the filters, you can see thin pieces of metal arranged vertically side by side it works similar to filters.

It is very easy to clean the coils take a clean cloth or soft brush and gently apply to the coils it will sweep away all the dust attached to the coils. If you are not an expert in doing this procedure then you can call professionals to do it.

Clean the other components:

As you have already an open-air conditioner all the panels are taken off take a clean cloth and apply it gently and carefully inside the small places and vents where the dust can be collected.

Before attaching the panels back to the air conditioner let them dry completely.


When summers are approaching you should clean your air conditioner before turning it on. So if you want to clean it yourself all the above points are quite useable and effective.

These steps are easy to follow. Hold your equipment with care to reduce any damage.