How to Create a Space Where People Want to Visit

How to Create a Space Where People Want to Visit

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It can be fun to have friends and family visit your home. Whether they are staying for a few hours or a few days, you want to make them feel welcome and encourage them to come again. Some people shy away from guests because they think their residence is too cramped or not up to snuff, but if you are okay with the company then you should do what you can to make the time together a success.

Choose Colors and Finishes to Set the Mood

A good place to start creating your space is by selecting a color palate that makes the statement you desire. If you choose pastel shades in soft finishes, then the room may feel calming and peaceful. Perhaps consider these combinations for a guest room or sitting area where you might sit and talk. Bright and bold hues are great for an energetic vibe that encourages laughter and engagement. When friends come by to play games, they might feel amped up by your daring decor. Although it is easy to overlook, you do not want to ignore smaller spaces too. Find the best paint for bathrooms so that you can cut down on unsightly spots on the walls that come from moisture, wear and tear. You likely know yourself best, so have fun with these decisions and let them speak for you. 

Purchase Furniture that Fits Your Purpose

When you are shopping for the pieces that will occupy each area, think about who will utilize them most often. A guest room for couples may require a different layout than one for a family with children. A living room set for small parties may not need as many chairs or tables, but if you tend toward the larger soirees, you might want flexible options that are easy to take out and put away. There are also a variety of materials available that could influence your purchase. Dogs, cats and kids can be tough on certain fabrics. Find a microfiber with a tight weave if you have pets that shed. Look for stain-resistant surfaces if you’ll be jumping out of your seat to celebrate a touchdown or goal.

Create an Ambiance

Just like you have used colors to lay the groundwork for your guest, you can also surround everyone with scents that stimulate or relax the mind. The olfactory system is one of the most powerful and has a fantastic recall ability. If you want people to come back to your place often, then lure them in with a room full of good smells. Cinnamon and peppermint are great for energizing a crowd and boosting concentration, so when your couch is the location of the next gaming event, consider a candle or oil diffuser. Combining tones and fragrances is easy no matter how big or large an area you plan to use and the perfect pairing may be just the ticket you are looking for. 

Share What is Yours

Even if you are operating on a tight budget, prepare a spread of snacks and treats. You can be as elaborate as your want here. Buying fresh foods that are in season is one way to keep costs down and fruit and vegetables are healthy alternatives. At the same time, if you love cooking and prepping, then be creative in the kitchen and wow everyone with the latest aperitifs and desserts. The best part about sharing is that you can be as fancy or as simple as the moment demands. Sometimes a cheesy dip and a bunch of pretzels are the ultimate crowd pleaser. 

Regardless of how many people, how big your abode or why you are coming together, be hospitable. Help everyone to feel comfortable and let them know you are glad to have them with you. Use music to set the stage and pay attention to the flow of conversation or activity. Do not try to force the situation, but instead, trust that your home is a reflection of you.