How to create coloring pages on your own?

coloring pages

How to create coloring pages on your own?

coloring pages

As we know coloring pages are considered to be a dependable and efficient way of teaching coloring to your kids. Apart from buying the coloring pages from market or getting them online, you can make your own printable coloring pages.

The process is very easy and simple. Using this method, you can draw your own coloring pages and provide these to your kids so that they may learn the coloring in a faster way. The coloring pages that usually children like to color include animal printable, cartoon coloring pages, etc.

Here is a  step by step procedure to make your own coloring pages.

Getting idea or inspiration:

First of all what you have to do is get an idea or inspiration from any source in order to determine what kind of coloring page you are going to make. For this purpose, you can visit various websites providing different coloring pages ideas.

You can choose the one you feel comfortable with. For example, you can go for cartoon coloring pages or toys coloring page if you want to make coloring pages for kids.

Launching of paint:

The step with the help of which you start making your own coloring page is to launching of the paint. After successfully starting the painting app, drag the picture you want to be converted into coloring page.

After simply dragging the picture to painting app and opening it here, you can proceed for the next step and that is converting it into black and white.

Remove the colors of your picture:

In this step, you are suppose to convert the picture of your choice into black and white version by removing all if it’s colors. The procedure is very simple. You need to simply click to open the options and select the ‘black and white’ option. It will remove all the colors and make your picture look like those of coloring pages. The picture will just appear as dark black colored lines against a white background.

Removal of extra lining:

After you have successfully removed the colors of pictures, the next step is to make the picture suitable for coloring by removing the extra lining. For this purpose, you will need to take help from eraser. However, before proceeding to the step of erasing, make sure that the background of your picture is clear white.

Now, click the eraser tool and use it to remove all the extra lines. It will make your picture appear exactly similar to the pictures of coloring pages. The benefit of doing so is that the picture becomes more suitable and appropriate for coloring.

Remove the flaws if found:

While erasing the extra lines of picture, there is possibility that some lines that were not supposed to be removed also get erased. You can overcome this problem by using the pencil tool of your paint app.

With the help of pencil tool, you can easily draw the erased lines and your picture regains the perfect look.

Save the picture:

Now your picture is ready for saving. You can save either in the JPG or in PNG as per your own choice and needs. After successfully saving the picture, you can upload it to  required website using different programs. From here, everyone can download and utilize these coloring pages.


As mentioned earlier, having printable coloring pages can help your child learn the coloring more efficiently. But, many of us are concerned about the ways on how to get these coloring pages.

If you are also looking for the sources from where you can get coloring pages like animal printables and cartoon coloring pages, stop worrying about it because you can easily make your own coloring pages with the help of step by step procedure given above.