How To Download Video And Audio Files As An MP4?

MP4 stands for MPEG-4 part 14, a digital multimedia platform that is basically used to store content like video, audio, and images in a single file. The best thing about MP4 files is that they can compress larger files without affecting their quality. The MP4 was designed to create a standard pattern for multimedia that can be easily shared and played on different devices. 

The MP4 pattern gained a lot of popularity due to its versatility, compression, and compatibility. Due to its standard working the MP4 multimedia is widely in use across the world. MP4 files are basically based on ISO media file format which explains the structure and arrangement of the file. 


The best use of MP4 is that you can download low-quality to higher-quality movies by using the MP4 download manager. If we look all around we come to know that MP4 has become a standard choice for storing and downloading multimedia content due to its efficiency. In this article, you will know how to download audio and video files as an MP4. 

Steps To Download Audio And Video Files As An MP4

Here are some general steps you have to follow while downloading video and audio files as an MP4. One thing which you have to keep in your mind while downloading the content is that download the videos or audio only from trusted sites. Make sure to have antivirus software to scan the files. 

  1. Identify The Source 

Firstly select the website from where you want to download the audio and video file. Before downloading you have to make sure that you must have the necessary rights and permission for downloading the content. Without the permission, you may be unable to download the content. 

  1. Find A Download Method

There are various methods of downloading the files, you may have to select the method according to your requirement. In Nigeria, Naijhiphop is considered the best downloading site for music. From this site, you can download any type of movie and song for later use.  Here is the method to download the file:

  • Download Button 

Some websites may offer the ‘download’ button under the video. If the download button is available click on the button processing will start. After this, you have to choose the file format you can choose MP4 format if it is available. You are also allowed to select the quality of the video. The quality options are from 576p to 1080p.

  • Browser Extension 

Install a browser extension for downloading the audio-video content. This extension may have a download button or a menu option. You can use install some popular extensions like Flash video downloader, video download helper and save helper. By using these popular extensions you can easily download the MP4 files.

  • Video Downloading Software 

You can also use the software which is specially designed to download the audio and video files. The software can support different formats including MP4 format. For downloading the files by using the software all you have to do is install the software, follow the instructions, and after this provide the URL of the video file to initiate the downloading. 

  1. Download The File 

Once you have selected the desired method of downloading the files. Start downloading the selected file by clicking on the ‘’Download’’ button. Choose the MP4 format if it is available. After the completion of the downloading process, you can easily access the downloaded file on your device. 


MP4 provides an easier way of downloading video and audio files. MP4 has become a popular file format and is widely in use across the world. There are multiple methods available for downloading the MP4 files. Select the downloading method wisely which is according to your requirement. During the downloading process gently follow the instructions.