How to Download Videos from Pinterest without an Application

How to Download Videos from Pinterest without an Application

How to download videos on Pinterest- Here we discuss the topic of Pinterest. Many people don’t realize that Pinterest doesn’t allow you to download photos and videos from So for those of you who want to download videos on Pinterest, I want to create a guide this time on how you can download videos on Pinterest without using other applications.

The tutorial on downloading videos from Pinterest is easy, you can also view tutorials and tutorials for downloading videos from Pinterest to your Android phone, computer, and laptop without having to use apps or special software to download videos from Pinterest.

Here we go

To download videos on Pinterest without this application, you must have an internet connection (online) There are many websites that we can use to make it easier to download videos from Pinterest. Well, here I will use one of the video download providers on Pinterest, whose web address is

1: First, go to and enter your keyword in the search box. Click on any video from the available list.

2: Now click on the Upload Video button to see the menu. Step 3: Copy the link to the video and paste it on the Pinterest website to download the video.

4: Then click the Download button. A screen with links to some videos to download will appear.

5: Right-click on the download button and select Save / Download.

Find out more about Pinterest: this is a web and mobile application created by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra and Evan Sharp. It works on a software system. The service is designed to track information on the web. You must register to use the service regularly.

Sharing your impressions on Pinterest is easy. You can select any content from the internet and share the link, image and even the message board. You can do this simply with the “Pin” button. Just download it from the bookmarks bar and you’re ready to share the news and emotions. You can ask your webmaster to enter the “Pin” button. Some sites already have them with things that make it easier. In 2015, a new feature appeared on Pinterest – now you can search using images and not just text.