Picture this scenario, your long-awaited movie is finally out but the audio quality is subpar. Disappointment all around. A high-quality video with poor audio does not count as a work of art. Video editing is a tedious process that requires you to have a keen eye for detail. It also won’t hurt to have the right gear and software like online video editing tools in your arsenal. Some of the common problems that affect audio quality include distortion, noise, echoes, and reverbs. Also, sibilance and failure to invest in the right equipment is a problem. You need to make videos for social media using the right online video editor or Video maker.

Once you understand the main challenges affecting your audio quality, you can easily fix it and produce video with professional-level high-quality audio. If you are having problems with editing audio files, then look no further. Here are a few ways on how to fix the audio quality to ensure your videos sell, sell, sell…!

Use The Right Audio Equipment

Quality is priceless. You should always ensure that you are using top-notch audio equipment and software when recording audio for your videos. Investing in the right equipment can give your production that elusive edge every video editor craves. Audio recording devices include microphones, headphones and in-ear audio monitors, studio monitors, mic stands, studio environment, and computers just to name a few. Purchasing all the equipment at once maybe a bit expensive. Therefore, you can choose to either buy them gradually or rent from someone. The online video editor tools currently in the market have interfaces that are compatible with most audio recording devices and software. Thus, making your work easier.

Remove All Background Noise

A cricket chirping in the background of an out-of-space scene is bound to raise eyebrows. Noise is any unwanted audio signal mixed in with the desired audio content. It could be room noise that consists of ambient sounds present in the room. For example, the fridge humming, nearby traffic sounds of crickets chirping in the background. Ambient sounds can generally be annoying or cause distractions in the overall audio file. Before you start recording, ensure that all fans are off, you are far away from traffic, and that the microphone is facing away from computers. Yes, computer fans can get very loud. This is especially when your work requires high processing power.

Ensure The Volume Levels Are Consistent

In filming, you usually record different clips at different times, with varying locations and weather conditions, the volume may become inconsistent. Volume inconsistencies also arise when the volume presets on the audio recording devices differ depending on the scene and the person handling them. You can use volume riding plugins that algorithmically scan the audio files and make the required volume changes to ensure the overall volume is similar. These plugins help to control breath noise while also incorporating medium and high-frequency emphasis to dull audio files. A good example of volume riding plugins that can be used with online video editors is the ERA5 Voice Leveler.

Remove All The Room Echoes And Reverbs

When in a large room, you’ve shouted nonsensical words to have them bounce back at you. Echoes occur when a sound wave bounces across a room and comes back, with a slight delay, to the microphone. Reverb is an amplified echo where instead of one, many echoes bounce. and reach the microphone at different time intervals.

Reverb Remover Pro is a plugin tool that allows you to use multiband de-noising and de-reverbing in parallel. A few online video editor tools add such tools that enable you to resolve the echo issue at the touch of a button.

Always Perform A Sound Check

Once or twice you’ve come across people saying the words “Testing…Testing” into a microphone. People use this during soundcheck. After setting up all your equipment, you can take a few minutes to record a test video. You can then upload the file to an online video editor of your choice and analyze it. This will in turn help you boost the audio and video quality exactly how you want them to be. Apart from saving you time and resources during the actual video recording, you can make necessary adjustments and plan your production process.

Fix Muffled Voice Recordings

During the process, you can end up with some issues. Things like bad microphone placement, low sample rate are some examples. This can cause the audio to sound muffled and inaudible. A tool to save the day is the ERA5 Voice Auto EQ plugin. It is a dynamic equalizer that clears away high frequencies during audio recordings.

Incorporate Music Creatively Using an Online Video Editor

A catchy tune can have you dancing or swaying away as you watch a video. But while it can be a great perk to your video file, it must be creative and sparing. Limit the music to the first few seconds of the video. This will spice up your video without taking away the message. Some online video editor has tools that allow you to upload or download music and add them to your files.

Final Thoughts

As a video editor, you will face issues in your mixing processes. You can fight some of these challenges with proper prior planning like getting good quality gear and an online video editor. You can also carry tests to ensure the quality is up to par depending on your goal.

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