How to fly safe and arrive well during COVID-19 In 2022

Wash your hands often

If soap and water are not available to clean your hands, use a disinfectant containing at least 60% alcohol. Experts agree that washing old fashioned hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds (the time it takes for you to sing ‘Happy Birthday’) is the best protection and warning that regular use of a hand sanitizer can irritate your heart. skin.

Practice cleanliness

Respiratory infections such as COVID-19 are spread by droplets of saliva or mucus, often when people cough or sneeze, and some are exposed to droplets. So avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands, as germs often enter the body through these channels.

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Although many airlines have announced further cleaning of the aircraft, there is no guarantee that the whole area will receive full treatment. So carry antibacterial wipes to clean your arm seat, tray table, back seat pocket, ventilation, seat touch screen, head cover and window blind. The same advice applies to other things commonly used by travelers, including hotel television remote controls and wash your hands after walking on shutters, taxis, holding handrails and using elevators.

Breathe easily

Almost all modern aircraft have HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Arrester) filters that will filter 99.999% of dust particles and air pollutants such as viruses and bacteria, ensuring maximum cabin air quality. Infection experts, however, suggest that a window seat, far away from the traffic of passengers’ feet, could provide additional protection.

Resist low humidity

Low humidity in flight cabinets dries the mucous membranes of your eyes, nose, and mouth, making them less effective in preventing infections. For this reason, some ordinary flyers swear by nasal sprays to moisturize and clean the nose. Drink plenty of water again to relieve dryness in the cupboard. However, long-lasting new generation aircraft such as the Boeing 787 Dreamliner incorporate technology that allows for high humidity levels.

Have the latest goals

If you are not yet eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine, having all the other important current vaccines will help you stay healthy and prevent your immune system from becoming compromised.

Stay up to date with the latest travel tips

If you are traveling internationally, be sure to check the US Department of State website for the latest information and advice. FCM customers can also use FCM Secure – our online security monitoring and reporting tool – to track Worldwide health tips and track travelers.

Travel insurance

Travelers who purchase travel insurance before COVID-19 becomes a ‘popular event’ may be covered by the cost of treatment and cancellation. Most travel insurance companies usually do not cover epidemics and epidemics, if you read good articles. Insurance policies vary widely, so it’s best to contact the insurance company directly or inquire about your travel manager.

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Use Travel Consultant

In times like these, having a dedicated tourism consultant and a tourism management company with a real 24/7 emergency emergency call is invaluable. If you are confined alone or barred from entering the country your FCM tourism coordinator can help with accommodation, flight changes, cancellations and other routes. Also download your travel company’s mobile app to stay up-to-date with current traffic alerts and changing conditions. read more