How to focus on the Twitch marketing

Marketing for social networks is becoming broader and more detailed and the appearance or popularity of new platforms encourages this development and leads to changes and expansions in it that benefit the people and companies that apply it. Today we will focus on Twitch and marketing on the platform.

Personalize your account

To increase the number of subscribers, some choose to buy Twitch followers that attract people’s attention; but taking the time to optimize your account and give it your own style is important, as this makes users notice you and makes you stand out.

You can design panels and buttons giving them your touch with your favorite color or colors or those that you want to identify your channel. You should also add a description in the biography that makes clear the intentions of the channel or the topic you are dealing with and if possible the broadcast schedule and your other networks.

Add a good profile photo or logo and fill in or complete the specifications requested by the platform, such as the category of your channel, for example.

  • Share the date and time of your broadcasts on social media

Social networks will be your great allies when it comes to promoting your channel. You can share the broadcast date with your followers and a few days before, post images with your logo or with the name of your channel; do it with quality images and don’t forget to add hashtags to attract more users.

This will serve to create some expectation and seek a larger audience on other platforms; but don’t forget to share other things too, like short videos or posts related to your experiences on Twitch or your knowledge of the topic you’re dealing with. In this way you will also be able to engage the audience on other networks .

Take into account your subscribers

Possibly, one of the coolest things about live shows is being able to interact with people in real time, that is, at the time it is recorded, something that would not happen in a traditional vlog, for example; so use this advantage of Twitch and constantly communicate with your viewers. You can also buy Twitch viewers from a trusted source to get a better position in the algorithm. 

You can ask them questions, ask for recommendations, have them call the shots in a particular game, or just have a nice conversation about your topic. This will always help make people feel included and will encourage you to continue working on your channel.

  • Plan the days that you are going to do the live shows in conjunction with the theme
  • To avoid live blackouts or rushing to get started on work, create a broadcast schedule and a scheduling schedule.

The first is the one that you are going to share with your followers and the second is the one that you are going to use to plan your content by choosing the video game that you are going to play or try, the recipe that you are going to create or whatever it is that you want to show.

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