How To Get Higher Ranks In League Of Legends (LoL)?

If gaming is your thing, I am sure you understand that different games embrace various criteria to rank their heroes and players. The league of legends is not exceptional. The game places millions of its players into a ranking system of tiers and divisions based on their performance and abilities. However, as you join the gaming, you might have many questions lingering in your mind over the criteria used in ranking players in LoL. But you need not be worried, as by scrolling down the article, you will get a chance to grasp some of the tips you can embrace as a new player to get higher ranks within a short period of being an active player.

How does Ranking work in LoL?

In total, there are nine tiers and four divisions used in league of legends ranking. The four divisions are the lowest ranks, with one tier being the highest rank. The aspect means that if you are classified in one of the tiers, you are among the best players of LoL. Your progress from one division to the other depends on the league points (LP) earned over a specified period. The league points increase when a team wins games.

On the other hand, the exact number of points is determined by your matchmaking rating. The aspect means that if you are lucky to have a team that wins a game against a team with a higher rating, your team will gather more LP than when it wins against a team with a lower rating than others. Therefore, the amount of LP earned largely depends on the ranking of your opponent’s team.

How to get Higher Rankings in LoL

Gather enough Points to Unlock Ranked LoL

You need to understand that you will not be allowed to play ranked games in LoL as a beginner. However, as you gather points and own more champions, you will be eligible to play such games. You need to be a player of more than 30 levels who holds a minimum of 20 heroes. Once you have attained this criterion, you will be able to play some of these placement matches that will allow you to gather the necessary points that are associated with higher ranks in LoL.

Focus on Winning against Teams with Higher Ranks

Even if you are a beginner, do not play against teams that are lower ranked than your team. You may lose more games, and your points will be affected dearly. Playing against a highly rated team is critical as if you win against such a team, you will gather more LP, and in the long run, you might progress from one level to the other. It is better to play against a team in the same division as your team rather than opposing a lowly ranked team. However, it would help to focus on winning as this is the key to being highly ranked in LoL.

Bottom Line

If you are an active player of LoL, you will be ranked among the nine tiers and the four divisions. The ranking will depend on your ability to play well and win more games to enhance your art of earning LP used to determine your rank in LoL. 

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