How to organize an efficient work desk at home!


How to organize an efficient work desk at home!

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Working from home has the definite advantage of being in a pleasant and safe environment where you feel good.

With the development of mobile technologies making remote working more and more accessible, teleworking is genuinely tending to develop, whether it is full-time for those who are self-employed or on a regular basis for those who have employers who are working for themselves. allow it.

However, to be efficient and not to be distracted in your work, it is essential to adopt a minimum of organization, starting with the arrangement of a work desk.

Reserve a space for work

Working from home does not necessarily imply having a room reserved for your professional activity, even if an enclosed space would be ideal to be able to isolate yourself. It is quite possible to set up a “work corner” for those who do not have enough space. If it is still possible to work anywhere with a laptop, it is better to have a desk.

Even small, this space will allow you to delimit – if only psychologically – your professional environment, plus comfort! If you have children, this delineation also allows you to set limits to avoid ending up with their drawings on your work or having your contracts cut with a scissor!

As you’ll do most of your work through PC, so its important to use pc monitoring software for the greater transparency and work ethics.

In addition, a desk allows you to be more focused and this will prevent you from being tempted to turn on the television for example by being snuggled up on the sofa, indulging in a nap in bed or spending your time preparing snacks if you work in the bedroom. food.

Finally, being organized does not necessarily mean having an austere office! Be free to personalize your workspace for even more comfort, without overloading it to remain pragmatic.

The choice of the chair and the lighting: two essential criteria of comfort

Often underestimated, investing in a suitable chair to work comfortably is essential. In addition to gaining serenity, you will prevent your back from bad posture and the appearance of musculoskeletal pain.

Lighting must also be a priority to create good working conditions. Your office must be perfectly bright to avoid unnecessary strain on your eyes. Natural lighting is to be preferred, especially as light acts on morale and therefore on the desire to work.

In addition, care must be taken to avoid creating shadows or reflections on your computer screen to avoid disturbing your visual comfort. Avoid placing your screen directly in front of an open window or door.

Accessible storage spaces

Even if the archiving of documents can be done in the Cloud, you will still have some paper documents to file, but also various office supplies to store. Your workspace must therefore be functional.

To find yourself easily, plan shelves near the desk or a cabinet reserved for sample business plan. At the same time, you will prevent these important documents from being mixed up with family albums, books and other magazines in the house with the risk of being inadvertently moved by your partner or your child.

Finally, home working requires not only to organize your workspace properly, but also to adopt a certain discipline in your working methods.

For example, this will involve defining precise hours and breaks to avoid being overwhelmed by work to the detriment of your personal life.