How to Pick the Right Charger

You should always prioritize quality over everything else when it comes to the right charger. But it gets more complicated than this. You also have to consider the quality of the materials, the type of charging that you want, the quickness of charging, and number of ports available, and other aspects of the charger to help you replenish the battery that your mobile devices have. Read more to find out the ways to know the right charger for you. 

Ways to Select the Right Charger for Your Device

Find the power that you need for your device.

This should be your first and foremost consideration when you buy a charger for your device. Most phones and tablets have lower power requirements so you often do not go to your manual to look for the wattage supply of your device. But when it comes to laptops, it requires more power than these more portable devices. To know about the power requirements of your device, you should go to your user manual and check the number with watts near it. This will tell you the minimum power that your charger should supply. 

A charger can supply 30W, 65W, 120W and even 150W. As the number becomes higher, the price of the charger also increases. You have to weigh your needs to make sure that you are spending based on what your devices require. 

Know the charging port that you need

Because of the number of devices available in the market, you would often see different plugs that your device uses. For older devices, you would see USB type-A chargers that will require USB type-A ports. If you have mobile devices that charge using this plug, you have to look for chargers that have ports for USB type-A. Newer devices use USB type-C plugs which will require you to get the same ports for your chargers. If you have Apple products, you would also have to consider chargers with lightning ports. 

Look for fast chargers if your phone allows this technology

Fast charging capability is not available for all phones. Older phones tend to not be able to charge using fast chargers. They will just receive the typical power supply that they need to recharge the batteries. But newer devices maximize fast charging technology and can quickly recharge mobile devices in a matter of minutes. 

Check the brand

You all know the popular brands in the market in terms of chargers and power banks. Anker is a trusted brand for power charging. The company offers different kinds of chargers for phones, tablets, and even laptops. Most consumers know the capability and durability of Anker products. You can make sure that your devices are safe when you use Anker chargers to bring back the battery juice of your device. 

Look for a charger that can charge multiple devices

It is safe to say that most people have at least two devices that they own. In line with this, you should get a charger that is capable of charging two devices at the same time. You should also consider chargers that accommodate multiple ports for your flexibility. 


You will find many chargers created by different companies and sold in the market. But you have to consider the quality that they give you in terms of safety, durability, functionality, and everyday usability. You also have to consider the price of the charger. By taking into consideration everything that you need for your charger, you have to select the company that will provide it for you. Anker is a very capable manufacturer of chargers. They provide value for the money that you pay for their chargers. They offer quality chargers that are durable and safe to use.