How to renew car registration Dubai UAE? Quick Tips

How to renew your car registration in Dubai UAE? Quick Tips


The thought of renewing your car registration is enough to make anyone cringe. But, there are some things you should know before making that trip! For starters- it’s not just a matter or figuring out how much money will be needed at renewal time; drivers also need their licenses verified so they can drive legally throughout the country for another 12 months (or however long until next birthday). And if all else fails…you could always take advantage our free inspection services where experts check over vehicles looking forward coll.

When you need a visa for your next trip to Dubai, all thanks go the authorities who make it easy and hassle-free.

So you drive a really old car? Get the license renewed immediately or else there will be trouble.

Here are a few things you should know before renewing your vehicle registration in Dubai.

What should you know?

The drivers are given a 30 day grace period after their vehicle’s registration expires to renew it and make any necessary repairs. This is why insurance policies have 13 month long validity periods; enough time for the owner of such an asset (you) take care if something goes wrong with your car before its too late!

New rules have been introduced to punish expired car registration. The fine for not renewing your license is now Dh10 per month, but if you’re caught with an expiring certificate after April 1st it’s Dhs500 and 7 days of confiscation!

You should always renew car registration Dubai of your vehicle if it is not yet expired. The best time to do this in Dubai, where you can get GO-customer services at an affordable price!

So you think your car registration is about to expire? Don’t worry, we’ve toiled hard in preparing this step by step guide to renew car registration Dubai.

Step 1: Check for Registration Blocks

When you are renewing the registration for your car, there is one important thing that will need to be done first. This step ensures all unpaid fines on traffic tickets have been paid in full and clear any black points currently associated with it through their website or Dubai Traffic Department’s office.

Step 2: Prepare all necessary documents

Gather all your necessary documents so that you can renew them at the next renewal date. You’ll need a valid Emirates ID, driving license and vehicle insurance along with car test certificates or old registration cards for each of these items in order to get it done smoothly.

The driver of the car should have a valid document from their original owner.

Step 3: Vehicle Test

When you go to renew your car’s registration, make sure that it has been tested and certified by an RTA Vehicle Inspection Center. The tests are important because they ensure safety on the roads for all drivers including yourself.

Getting someone else to renew car registration Dubai:

Renew car registration Dubai can be a pain if you’re not aware of the process. Hopefully, following these steps will make it quite easy for you! Make sure to renew on time and ask car rental companies as well since they might have already expired by now.