How to see what you liked on instagram

How to see what you liked on Instagram

Most people have a lot of likes on their posts, but how do you know which post got the most likes? The bot then suggests ways to find out which posts have been liked. This includes actions such as scrolling through your rater or looking at live stories (a feature only available in select locations).

Finally it gives you a way to see all your old stories and highlights for an extended period of time. The option mentioned is using the Instagram app on IOS. If you want to buy Instagram followers, Likes and views then go our Website Boost Social Media.

Text direction: The flow of the text is from left to right, top to bottom. This draws the reader’s attention from one line to another. In addition, it tells a story so each block gives you a piece of information that will be incorporated into the next block.

The use of all caps and white space help draw your eye to certain parts of the screen by placing them in stark contrast. There are also various ways capitalization is used such as title case for blocks or sentence case for normal dialogues between people/the bot and periods at the end of sentences. Since this is a bot not made specifically for those with sight problems but those who might have trouble reading long texts on their phone, all caps made it easier to distinguish one section from another.

how to see what you liked on Instagram:

Live Stories

If you haven’t noticed already, Live Stories are stories that aren’t exactly your own. People submit them to Instagram and they pick the best ones to put on their site. So how do you check out what you liked? Scroll through your feed and look for a camera! They say who submitted it – whether it was someone in your friends or followers list or not – when it was submitted, where it was taken, when it ends, when they started, etc. If none of those are working for you…

Look at live stories!  They’re not live anymore but if there’s one with tons of hearts around the name of the user who submitted it then that means they liked that story! You can find out by looking on their profile and seeing how many photos they’ve liked recently.  It’s not as accurate, but it might work for you!

Like Tracker Apps/Extensions

Like tracker apps and extensions are ones that show you likes that others give your posts.   I suggest this because if the person who submitted the photo is in your friends list then you’ll be able to know immediately if they liked it or not. If they aren’t in your friends list then look at their bio! Even though it isn’t exactly an extension, looking at live stories can also tell you if someone likes a story – just scroll through them all! Sounds like a lot of work? It is, but it’s better than nothing!

It’s not too complicated, just look at the comments section on their main profile page.  You can also see what photos have been liked recently – just go to their likes tab under photos! However these methods are still not as exact because they might’ve liked something else that you don’t know about or didn’t use one of those methods. 

how to see what you liked on Instagram:

Rater Apps/Extensions

If you want less work then there are certain apps that allow you to see who gave your posts likes! There are some apps that cost money though so it might be better to do the searching yourself. If you want an app to help you then download one with the word “like” in its name!

Thanks for reading! I hope this article helped you.  If not then please leave a comment on what you think is the best way to find out who liked your posts and why they did or didn’t like it, if they even did at all! This was just my advice after all, but maybe you have more?


As you can see, there are many ways to find out which post has the most likes.

The article is informative because it gives lots of different methods that work in different situations. The tone of voice is not particularly formal or casual because it uses words like “see” instead of something more formal.

It’s written in third person and mainly focuses on the reader. It doesn’t give much information about who wrote it or when it was published. It also uses short sentences without any complex grammar structure. Finally, the article covers only one topic (how to see what posts got the most likes). For all these reasons, I would say this article is relatively informal but still informative; good for an advanced reader maybe?

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