When you are doing two tasks on two screens simultaneously, how do you handle them? If you watch sports on your secondary monitor and browse social media on your primary monitor, do you want to play games on your secondary monitor?

My opinion is completely in agreement with what you said. Attempts to do so have been made by me as well.

While she worked on one of our PC monitors using a mouse and keyboard, my girlfriend used the other gaming monitor to play Call of Duty.

Those things can all be done on the same machine. In this guide, I will demonstrate how to use a second monitor while still gaming on the primary if that is what you are trying to accomplish.

Well, for this you must have a best gaming monitor under 200 USD to 500 USD budget range that makes you more comfortable to use two monitors.

Can You Use Two Monitors at the Same Time?

The two processes cannot be executed simultaneously, even though technically they can be done simultaneously. You sound confused, don’t you? It is. It took me forever trying to figure this one out, and the fact that there was nothing on the internet to explain it was even worse.

You will then choose from two scenarios to find the answer that best applies to you.

Playing a Game & Alt-Tabbing in-Between Breaks.

For example, consider using two monitors. A video game is displayed on the left monitor, and a writing assignment is displayed on the right monitor. Imagine working on a piece of paper with a keyboard and mouse while simultaneously playing a video game with a game controller at F95Zone

Two input devices connected simultaneously can handle two different kinds of input and do both of those things simultaneously while they are both plugged into the system and ready.

Depending on how long you play tennis, you can write your essay after 10-15 minutes. After the round is over, you spend 2-3 minutes working on the essay.

If so, you should not have any problem using both input devices on them simultaneously, as long as you do not plug either device into both monitors simultaneously. I recommend that you choose scenario 2, which I will discuss right below when using two input devices simultaneously.

Using the Second Monitor While You Are Playing a Game on the Primary Monitor

A total of two more monitors will be able to be used. If you choose to play a game with a controller instead of a mouse and keyboard (either will work) on Monitor A and type an essay with a mouse and keyboard on Monitor B, you will have to choose one. There will be two monitors on simultaneously in different programs this time.

Since you account for the lack of four hands, you would, I hope, be playing the game while another person is writing the essay on the second monitor.

The above scenario was something I experienced.

To answer your question, you cannot use two devices, a keyboard and mouse, and a controller, simultaneously on a single PC to do two different things.

Due to interfering signals, the devices will be unable to communicate with each other.

Accordingly, the secondary monitor cannot be used while the primary monitor is being used.

The best you can do is load up a video, film, or stream and have that playing on the second screen while you are gaming on the primary.

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