Investing in digital crypto money; Predictions by Crypto Trade Patterns

digital crypto money

The digital crypto money has emerged as an alternative digital in nature to the traditional payment and exchange methods. These furthermore, have generated points of view that are distinct from the traditional ones. The unexpected upsurge in the market price of Bitcoin as well as its capitalization value has made crypto a viable investment. This digital currency is backed by blockchain that serves as a positive impact on global investors. Furthermore, more than 2300 US businesses accept Bitcoin and other tokens as a payment method as well as for operational and transactional purposes. Cryptocurrencies are purchased with fiat, either by a credit card or through bank transfer. Later on, the tokens are stored in digital wallets until the next time. Moreover, crypto trading is predicted by thoroughly studying chart patterns. 

E Trade Crypto Securely Carried Out with Help from Crypto Trade Patterns

Crypto Trade Patterns are taken hold of by investors to securely E Trade Crypto. Furthermore, it predicts the rise and fall as well as the long-term patterns a token has retained. The trends can either be continuous or reversed. In continuation pattern, the price continues to trade in the prevailing pattern. The crypto chart patterns form in several instances when the price consolidates. Here instead of reversal the price trades in the pre-existing trend. 

Triangle Crypto Trade Patterns

The triangles are ascending, or descending when forming patterns.

Ascending Triangles

The ascending chart patterns are the bullish type of continuation patterns. The high price forms a horizontal line. Here the lower form a trend-line that rises. These two ultimately form the ascending triangles. The price then swings between these lines. Furthermore, the market is on an uptrend in the case of ascending pattern that is however followed by price consolidation. The line drawn connecting the higher lows is a rising trend-line. This shows that the price can not be pushed any further low as the buyers are giving it a height. Furthermore, the price swings are kept below the flat upper trend-line. This is the resistance level. In ascending triangle crypto pattern, entry points form when price value breaks above the upper line. 

Descending Triangles

Descending pattern shows a bearish continuation, which is the opposite of ascending triangle chart. The market shown in this trend is sustained downward that is followed by a rally of price. Here, it forms lower highs with a dropping trend-line. This line connects the lower highs. Moreover, the buyers here are exhausted with prices pushed downwards. Similar to ascending pattern, the price here also do not trade below the line. The descending triangle is formed by connecting the sloping trend-line and flat bottom line. The price then further breaks below the flat line forming the bearish continuation.  

Rectangle Crypto Trade Pattern

The rectangle crypto trade patterns are most popular among the rest of them. It is simplest and identifies both reversal and trend continuation. The pattern forms after a retained trend that is bullish or bearish. The channels in this trend are support or resistance formed in form of two horizontal lines. And the assets trade in between them. Therefore, a rectangle pattern is formed by drawing lines between highs while touching the lows during consolidation. 

Crypto Online Exchange – buy crypto with fiat 

Crypto Online Exchange is an online platform where consumers can buy, sell, trade, and exchange cryptocurrencies. This marketplace allows depositing of funds to buy crypto with fiat. Furthermore, the tokens can be traded within the sort. The Crypto Online Exchange platforms are of two types – centralized and decentralized. 

  • Centralized platforms are aligned with the financial standards set by the government authorities. Here, several of them provide insurance for the transactions as well as ask for identity proof to comply with KYC. 
  • Whereas, decentralized exchanges are user-owned and unregulated. These provide direct peer-to-peer experience with a user-friendly interface. They provide transparency in fees alongside transactions. 

Moving on, there are various ways to buy crypto with fiat provided by these platforms. 

1.Bank Transfer

Most exchanges allow deposit of fiats through bank transfer. Later on, these traditional currencies are traded with crypto tokens. This is the simplest of the ways. Furthermore, if the exchange and consumer are located in the same region, the fees charged for the transaction will be minimal or zero. 

2.Credit Card

Moreover, these exchange platforms allow consumers to buy crypto with fiat by using their credit cards. It can be VISA or MasterCard. This very method has minimized the need for carrying paper money because with cards the users make online payments. However, for this added value, the platforms charge fees that vary on the region and tokens. Typically, the fee so far charged is normally 3-4%. 

In The End

Cryptocurrencies are on the loose with more than 8000 tokens so far tossed in the marketplace up till now. With this, it has become similar to a fashion trend with more and more investors putting their funds in. As per reports, 32% of Nigerians are using cryptocurrencies, as well as 6% in the US, have the same claim.