Talk, go out, take a walk, have a drink and even exercise or go to work. Those things that seemed so simple to us and part of the routine, did not receive the attention or value they should have had. Some things that were already built into the daily basis and the dynamic day after day. Mainly, everything that included friends, couples, lovers and family, that is, contact with other people.

Things have changed. States of emergency, health alerts, confinement, essential services and so on. Everything that was “normal” now is not and the most basic thing presently is a priority and even a luxury that few can afford. In a world where everyone has been running around with responsibilities and concerns, they are suddenly forced to stop. 

No hugs, kisses, or even seeing someone out of a screen when it’s needed the most. That’s why the digital world is now one of the most important tools. A multitude of artists, brands and large companies turn to create content and raise awareness about the importance of staying at home. Even in the adult sector, many of the  escorts in Indore have had to reinvent themselves and offer other kinds of services. 

These are difficult times for everyone, when it seems that the only more human and social contact has been to go out on the balconies to applaud or interact with neighbors in most countries. Creativity and originality appear to have awakened and increased because of this situation. 

That is why it’s possible to see an increase in new practices to maintain this abstention from physical contact. Video calls, webcams, chats and many other online tools to use, both professionals, escorts in the UK and standard users.

Even dating apps, like Tinder, Grindr and so many others are now filled with people, with a lot of free time, who want to get to know each other. Everyone’s thinking about what to do and who they’re going to see first when this whole quarantine thing is over. The priority levels have changed. 

Everything is seen with new eyes, perspectives have been necessarily modified. Although it depends on many variables, there seem to be common guidelines. Having to be at home alone, with roommates, family, partner or lovers. 

The situations are different for each one but, at the end of the day, it is the same just from another perspective. 

The coexistence, so intense these days, usually brings to the surface many mania, taboos, shame and other things. That is why sometimes there are emotionally unsustainable cases. 

It’s important to do other things and keep in touch with all the important people, like family, friends, or maybe something more special like a Lucknow escort, partner or lover. In times when seeing someone seems like a privilege, it’s better to think about self touching and finding other ways to vent, because if distance is a problem it is what helps people to feel closer.

New technologies and social networks are good allies for this. Apps like Skype, Zoom, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp have become very important. In a world filled with desperate news about lack of medical supplies, government protection measures and even deaths due to the Coronavirus pandemic, these are very useful escape measures. 

Humor and conversations with loved ones are a strength and therefore must be taken care of. And today more than ever. It is necessary to continue celebrating life, birthdays, to have a toast, even online… It’s just a matter of finding another way to do things. Smile, keep telling how the day was, make jokes, make plans for when all this ends… 

So yes, it’s possible to affirm that the pandemic is changing the way people relate around the world. Now everyone is trying to be closer, and hugs, family meals and even going for a walk holding hands have been revalued. 

Despite uncertainty, fear or misunderstanding, it is important to remind ourselves of all the affection and love and continue to share the desire to be together. So that all those hugs, kisses and everything can come true in the nearest possible future.

Working together, thinking in community and being responsible, so that this new normality ends and the streets, businesses and bars are filled up again as soon as possible.

That way, freedom – that is missed so much now-, will come back soon. Because in the end, everything will be fine. 

The point is to make sure that everything that is important, does not fade away and lose its meaning again. Returning to stress, anxiety and routine as a way of life and putting people in the background. 

It is crucial to learn something from this situation and ensure that it was all worth it.

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