Is the Location of My Netgear Extender Right


Is the Location of My Netgear Extender Right

Netgear offers a number of extenders to its users looking for extended WiFi coverage in their house. Though every Netgear extender models is great for boosting the range of existing WiFi network, it is important to place the device at the right location for the optimal performance. On the off chance if the placement of your Netgear extender is not right, you will face poor or no connectivity issues, even if you have configured your device properly.

In the event that you don’t know how to select the best location for your Netgear range extender, then this post can help you out. Just walk through the steps listed below and know where to place your extender for enjoying the uninterrupted internet range throughout your home. Let’s get started, shall we?

Where to Place Your Netgear Extender?

Tip 1: Center Location is the Best

If you place your Netgear extender in a corner, inside a cabinet, or under a table; then it will not be able to cover all areas of your home with a stable WiFi connection. So, it’s better to place your extender at the central location of your home so that you can easily connect your client devices to Netgear_Ext network and enjoy the uninterrupted internet range on every device from every corner of your house.

Tip 2: Place Your Netgear Extender Openly

The WiFi signals can be interrupted if you place your Netgear extender in a congested or non-ventilated area. If you want to get the most out of your Netgear extender WiFi signals, place it higher and in open area of your home. To test your internet connection after the placement of your Netgear extender, try to access the mywifiext setup page.

Tip 3: Place Your Netgear Extender Away From WiFi-Interfering Devices

This is also one of the most important points to consider. Yes, keeping your Netgear extender away from interference-creating WiFi devices like baby monitors, Bluetooth speakers, etc. can also make your device well-performing. Not only this but also it is suggested to keep your Netgear extender away from the reach of unknown WiFi networks.

Tip 4: Place the Extender within the Reach of Your Router

To get the boosted internet range in all areas of your home, we suggest you keep your Netgear extender and router in close proximity. But, not too much that their WiFi signals clash with each other. Now connect your extender to the router’s WiFi network and try to access web address to see whether you are getting enough WiFi signals or not.

Bonus Tip

Not only the placement of your Netgear extender is important but also placing its antennas correctly is equally crucial. So, to cover dead zones in your house with steady WiFi signals, it is suggested to place the extender’s antennas in straight-vertical position.

What’s More?

So, you have placed your Netgear WiFi range extender correctly, right? Now, it’s high time to configure the Netgear device. Yes, you read it right! Only the correct placement of your Netgear extender will not provide you the best WiFi signals. If your Netgear extender is not configured, how can you enjoy the lag-free internet from every corner of your house? So, after doing the placement of your Netgear extender, configure it properly.

Here’s how to configure your Netgear extender:

  • During the Netgear extender setup process, place your router and Netgear extender closer to each other and connect them both via Ethernet cable.
  • Launch a web browser of your choice.
  • Enter mywifiext local (if you are using an Apple or iOS device) or (if you are using a windows computer) in the address bar.
  • Pressing the Enter key will take you to the Netgear extender login page.
  • Type in the default extender’s username and password.
  • Click on Log In and you will be taken to the Netgear Genie setup wizard.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to configure your device without any hassle.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, you have selected the correct location for your Netgear extender after following the tips given in this post. Just in case, you need more assistance, feel free to drop all your concerns and queries into the comments section.