Is There a Way to Get Free Likes on Instagram

There has been a lot of fuss about getting free likes on Instagram. You might have seen people asking for them or offering to give them away, but is there really a way? The answer is yes! There are many ways to get free likes on Instagram, just take some time to learn what they are and the best ones for you. What are you waiting for? Get started now!

How to get more likes on Instagram

1. Use the right hashtags

Hashtags can expand your Instagram audience. Use a hashtag, and you will appear on the page for that hashtags! People also follow these tags which means all of their posts related to it might end up in someone else’s newsfeed too – surprise!!!

2. Tag relevant users

Don’t just tag someone because you think they are cool, but also take time to elaborate on how great that person is and what makes them so special.

In the process of highlighting their value for others’ consumption (whether intentional or not), tell people exactly why they should care about this individual too!

3. Write compelling captions

A captions is what you say about a picture to make people want more. Great Instagram captions add context, personality and compulsion for followers so they take action!

4. Tag your location

Geotagging your location is an excellent way for more people to find you and like the photos.

It’s even better if you have a brick-and-mortar store, as it creates community with regulars who enjoy browsing in person or on Instagram stories!

Just make sure that GPS coordinates are correct so they can map out where their favorite place is (or will be).

5. Get on the Explore page

There is a lot of engagement on Instagram. And the Explore page is where you can find it! You need an active community and lots of followers who love seeing your work, but just like anything in life those requirements don’t always mean success will automatically follow suit with increased visibility — especially when different features from social media giants such as Reels are at play behind-the-scenes (Have you noticed them lately?).

6. Post at the right time

The Instagram algorithm favors recency, which means that if you want to get in front of eyeballs on the app it’s important for users like yourself to know when their audience is actually looking at this particular time. It can be difficult figuring out your own sweet spot because every brand experiences its own unique needs based off where they reside but an experiment we did found 11am generally work well as a general rule.

7. Run a like-to-win contest

The key to running a like-to win contest is finding the right balance. Make sure your prize is desirable enough that people want it, but not so specific in wording or design as to exclude any real fans from entering.

8. Post good photos

Lest we forget that photography was an art before it became a marketing tool, one has to own up when their taste exceeds their skill. In the age of social media and instant gratification on Instagram though – there is no room for “good enough” shots. Time to level up! And still if all these does not work you can buy 50 instagram likes from as well. 

9. Engage outside your feed

In its continuing effort to give users what they want, Instagram’s algorithm prioritizes posts from accounts it believes are “close.” How does this function work? By monitoring how much interaction there is between two user profiles. So if you want more likes and comments (the currency of an online presence), don’t stay hidden away; get social with your interactions!

10. Post user-generated content

Brands should share content with their followers, it’s a great way to generate engagement. For starters, being featured by the brand will thrill users and give them social proof that they’re more than just okay for being a fan (which isn’t always true). Sharing also allows brands’ other fans know its cool if they too want be superstars!

11. Post behind-the-scenes content

People want to see how something gets made, they love watching behind the scenes of photoshoots that they can’t see for themselves because access is expensive or impossible to get on location due their job; learning about real struggles with making great content while also balancing work life balance (it’s hard enough as it stands).

12. Ask people for their opinions

“Ask a question in the caption” is a very common advice that you will get for bumping up engagement. And if they’re already engaging, then it’s likely that you’ll get likes when following their discussion as well!

13. Host a takeover

If you’re comfortable handing over the keys to your account, Instagram takeovers are a great way of luring in new followers. Your partner should have similar values as yours and it is important they be aligned with what’s being shared on their own page – after all if these people like our posts then maybe there will only be one place for them when this person shares something else!

14. Watch what works for your competitors

You can use Instagram to see what’s working for your competitors. Keep an eye peeled or better yet, do a competitive analysis!