Key Features of WPS Office and How to Use Them

WPS Office is a powerful suite of productivity tools that offers a variety of tools to assist users in creating and managing spreadsheets, documents, and presentations. It has a simple interface and many beneficial features that make it an excellent choice for people who need to organize and manage their work efficiently. 

In this article, we’ll look at some of the most critical aspects available in the WPS Office and provide guidance on how to use it efficiently. Whether you’re a student, an executive, or a freelancer, knowing how to use these features will aid you in maximizing the efficiency of your work and meeting your goals.

1. PDF Tools

PDF tools are widely used throughout our day-to-day work; however, what can I do to edit a PDF file with the aid of a computer? Do not worry; start your WPS Office on your smartphone and play with the PDF tool! If you upgrade to PDF Premium, you can swiftly convert PDF to DOC and PDF Edit; PDF Add Text, and many more PDF functions! You can sign and save your PDF files!

2. WPS Cloud

Suppose you have a file that you wish to access but is stored on another device. In this case, you should open WPS Office, WPS cloud files. The WPS Office can be regarded as a U disk that walks! WPS Cloud can store all materials commonly used, including videos, images, and presentations. Excel and Word documents. The storage capacity is 20GB! It is available whenever you need it to place your office in the cloud!

3. Processing lengthy and complicated data

At the end of every month, the finance staff must calculate various data, including tax numbers, IDs, bank card numbers, etc. They need to increase the number of cells. Its WPS Spreadsheet intelligently processes the long-form data entered, ensuring its accuracy and making it understandable and easy to understand. WPS Office simplifies the operation processes and is adored by financial professionals.

4. Photographs and scans

If you’re reading and learning, you can take a photo and scan the entire page using your WPS Office. It means that if you come across some keywords and beautiful pieces of text, take a picture and capture it! It will be created in the format of a PDF file. You could use it to make it easier to read later on. If you’re immersed in reading the e-book you downloaded, convert the information and books downloaded to PDF format. It is suitable for reading on every device.

5. Online Template

No planning effort, no designer assistance, and it is annoying! If you have to decide how to mix images, text, graphics, and other things, make sure you highlight the most important aspects: what types of designs should be used in the diagrams so as not to appear dull; and how to make the transition pages connect the previous and the following. These concerns are simple to resolve by obtaining the WPS online template. One-click can make your slideshow look better and more professional.

6. Text tools

The biggest challenge for chaotic documents is that WPS Text Tools can assist a novice who needs to learn how to typeset! If you are trying to organize and collect data, you must copy large amounts of the text on the website and paste them with different dimensions or layouts to WPS.

The Typeset is a bit complicated!

However, the option [Home – Text Tools – Smart Rearrange] enables you to format your document’s contents in a standard format, which is both time-saving and easy! It is a must-have for novices; extremely popular and efficient

7. Record your presentation

Don’t worry if you’re involved in a campus event or vying for a job your first time. Open WPS Office to help you succeed! [PPT Recorder] allows you to record the playback sequence of the PPT itself, the movements of turning pages, the voice of the speaker, and the entire screen itself, which can be recorded and then converted into an MP4!

Suppose you aren’t satisfied with the recorded video. In this scenario, you may go back and forth to find the problem and then take a second recording to ensure you keep everything!

Check out the WPS Office to assist you in improving your office efficiency!