Knowing Your Options for Transporting a Vehicle Between States

It can be difficult to move a car over state lines if you don’t have help and you have a lot of cars, trucks, or SUVs. This is but one of the many reasons you might think about shipping a car state-to-state.

It can be challenging to handle an interstate car transfer, whether you just added a new car to your collection and bought it from an out-of-state dealer, are moving and have to spend most of your driving time maneuvering the moving truck, or a number of other situations. This work frequently calls for the use of specialized tools or licensed drivers, both of which are frequently unavailable when needed.

If you need to move a car from one state to another, you have a lot of options. Fortunately, Autostar Transport is available to help you with all of your car relocation needs, whether you’re going from one coast to the other or to a nearby state. Take your budget, time constraints, the weather, and the number of additional helpers into account before deciding on the most economical way to move a car from one state to another.

In the section below, we break down the process to help you better understand your potential solution and the reasons that working with a trustworthy transportation business is almost always beneficial to both parties.

Knowing Your Options for Transporting a Vehicle Between States

As much as you’ve hated having to make the decision, the time has come to plan how you’re going to move your car from State A to State B. Which options make the most sense and will put you under the least amount of stress?

Take It Personally

It might be more economical and convenient to drive from state to state, depending on where your car will ultimately finish up. Fuel and a little amount of your time, depending on how many states separate the beginning and the end of your trip, are the only expenses required.

If you have committed to driving the moving truck and you don’t have anyone else who can, then driving your automobile is probably out of the question. Time is also another crucial factor. On the East Coast, a trip spanning two or three states could only need a few hours. But you’ll need to factor in a good bit of extra driving time if you’re going from the Atlantic to the Pacific, or across the Midwest or West Coast.

If you’re a consistent driver, it takes around four days to complete the gauntlet from one coast to the other. Plan on five to seven days if you’re going alone, and give yourself plenty of time to unwind. That period isn’t safe if you don’t have someone to help you drive in shifts. Therefore, it will still take three or four days even if your move is only half that distance away. Driving your car over state lines means that your valuables are being handled by someone else; you are paying a moving company to handle this, therefore you should plan on arriving at the same time as your belongings.

To travel together and arrive at the same time, it would be excellent to caravan with a significant other or family member. But this isn’t an option if you have more than one car. The timing and the stars must align for you to be able to drive your car solo from state to state.

Using a Car-Trailing Tow Dolly

This scenario might be more realistic and require fewer people to support it. But you have to make sure you understand how difficult it is to tow something behind a large car. This entails hooking it up, unhooking it, and having faith in your ability to operate a vehicle on the highway safely. You won’t be able to pull into any old parking place, so keep that in mind whenever you stop. Your mobility and accessibility will also be limited.

Employing Someone to Drive Your Car

You might assign a close friend or family member to drive your car, but doing so will need you to have a lot of confidence and rearrange some of the terms of your insurance policy. In addition, you will be responsible for covering their travel expenses and the cost of their return transportation.

One-man transportation is a service offered by professional driving services, when a skilled driver takes the wheel and moves your car for you. But how at ease are you with giving a complete stranger extended control over your vehicle? Since the driver needs to be compensated for their time, expenses, gas, and return transportation in the form of a one-way flight ticket, these services are typically fairly costly.

In some situations, you could argue for any of these solutions. No matter how long the trip takes, there is one convenient method that offers a variety of options to suit your schedule and financial constraints.

Shipping a Car From One State to Another With a Professional Transportation Service

The best solution is almost always to transfer your car from one state to another using a reputable carrier company. The majority of organizations provide a range of travel options, including open car transport. These are the huge trucks that are moving cars on the interstate for car dealerships; you’ve probably seen them there; the stacks of cars are usually around ten in number.

With enclosed auto transportation, your car is transported in a trailer for maximum safety. By doing this, possible damage from inclement weather, stones, and other road hazards that could tarnish the paint and body is reduced.

In a nutshell, a flatbed is just a big tow truck; your car is winched to ensure stability and prevent sliding while it sits level on the bed of a big diesel truck. For shorter journeys, this might be the best choice.

Transport Readiness

It’s simple to get ready for a carrier service: you get an estimate, settle the details, arrange the appointment, choose a time and location for pickup and drop-off, and get your car ready. Turn off any alarms or other devices in your car and remove any personal items you may have. You can have the carrier pick up from your door and drop it off at your new location, or you can arrange for vehicle holding at a terminal if you anticipate spending more time.

For Dependable Transportation, Pick AutoStart Transport!

Car shipping from state to state is easy if you work with a reputable company with a lot of experience. With more than 20 years of experience in the auto shipping industry, Autostar Transport can handle almost any schedule or shipping situation. If you want to move an automobile from one state to another, learn more about the many transportation options that are available for your trip.