Make The Best Floor Plan in 5 Easy Steps


If you’re an architect or restoration contractor, you must know the struggle of creating a floor
map by hand. You need to set the proper scale and double-check it. Even then, there are
chances of human errors, and your diagrams may not look professional.
What if creating a floor plan is no longer a nightmare? In fact, you can create them in a matter of
minutes and yet make them look professional. Yes, you can easily create floor plans with
software like EdrawMax. Let’s discover more about EdrawMax and how you can create a floor
plan in 5 easy steps.

EdrawMax; The Perfect Floor Plan Creator

Let’s start with the problems you face while making a floor plan. If you’re making it without any
tools, you’ll realize that your floor plan has many errors, including scaling. Even though the
software can solve the problem, you need to find the one that provides maximum features and
has the most effortless user interface.
So far, the best software you can use is EdrawMax. It offers various symbols and templates
that make your work look neat and professional. Despite its built-in templates, you can control
your designs completely, including symbols, layout, etc. You can even collaborate on diagrams
and share your work with others.
What takes the whole experience to the next level is its easy-to-use interface. You can find
easy-to-follow video tutorials on their websites and FAQs if you need clarification. Also, they
have a community with built-in templates that make your work much quicker.
The best part about EdrawMax is that it makes your work look professional. Take Floor plan as
an example; EdrawMax meets all your requirements with the help of its scale tools, area
calculation, etc., to impress your clients.
Furthermore, EdrawMax helps keep your designs private and safe. No one can access your
data without your permission. This is made possible due to its highest degree of SSL encryption
to protect information.

Draw a Floor Plan in 5 Simple Steps

Here, the biggest question arises, How to draw a floor plan? The first step is to ditch the old-school method of using pencil and graph paper and upgrade your work. Below are five steps
that will create your professional floor plan within minutes!

1. Log-in

Open the EdrawMax on your computer if you are using the offline version of EdrawMax.
However, if you wish to collaborate remotely, Download EdrawMax and log in with your
registered email address. You can register using your personal or business email address if this
is your first time using it. Once logged in. enter “floor plans” in the Templates section on the left.

2. Choose Your Favorite Template

Here, you’ll find several templates ready to use in the template community. Take your time to
choose the best template that matches your desired elevation plan. Click Use Immediately to
duplicate it.

3. Add Symbols

Go to the Symbols section and click Predefined Symbol in the top toolbar. Now, click on the
floor plan to import them into your library. If the floor plan symbol you want is not available, you
can always draw it using a Pen Tool or Pencil Tool. Then click “+” in the My Library section to
save it for later use.

4. Change Details

It’s finally time to customize your floor plan according to your requirements. You can add new
details according to your liking and modify existing ones to match your needs. Due to the
different architect’s scales it offers, you can make these changes without losing the formatting of
the symbols.

5. Export Or Publish

When your floor plan is finished, you can either post it to the template community for the other
25 million registered users to see or export it to various formats. To share your drawing with
others, click the Publish button in the top right corner of the canvas and enter the template’s
title, description, and tag information.
There you have your floor plan created in a breeze.

What Makes EdrawMax Standout From The Crowd?

Although there are several reasons why EdrawMax strives to be the best diagramming software,
some features outshine the rest.

● Extensive Templates And Symbols

You can choose from over 35000 built-in templates that are easy to customize. This increases
your productivity while saving you a great deal of time. EdrawMax understands your floor plan’s
intricacies and provides over 25000 symbols, including windows, furniture, appliances, wiring,
fire escape, and much more, to elevate your drawings.
In addition, you can also have complete control over which areas you choose to include or
exclude and use the space symbols to improve your floor area calculation.

● Impressive Collaboraton

The EdrawMax software is available on all platforms, including Mac, Linux, Win, and the web,
with full synchronization. Another best thing about EdrawMax is that it helps you manage your
team. You can track members in your online group and set permissions to decide who can view
and edit your floor plans.
Additionally, you can generate links to your work, post it on social media and export it in various
file formats. These include high-resolution JPEG, PNG, and Excel documents.

● Ideal For Visual Collaboration

Use EdrawMax to produce your presentation slides automatically. You can easily choose,
highlight, and present each symbol of your designs. All you have to do is press F5 to start the
EdrawMax presentation and show it to the audience.

Wrapping Up

Hands down, EdrawMax is the best floor plan creator. It has built-in templates that are created
by professionals and are periodically updated. These make the procedure much more effective
and spare you the hassle of creating floor plans from the start. It has an easy-to-use interface
that allows even a beginner to use it right away.
What’s even better about EdrawMax is its impressive collaboration and extensive file
compatibility. You can share your work with your teammates without worrying about any theft.
Last but not least, it has an advantage over other applications on the market due to its ability to
export files in various formats, including JPEG, MS Word, and Excel.