Mitigating The Challenges That Come With Professional Gaming

There are many benefits to being a professional gamer. From corporate sponsorships and live-streaming revenue, gaming receives the same respect as any experienced entertainer. However, being a gamer for the long haul does not come without its own shortcomings. You often hear of physical, mental, and emotional disadvantages to gaming but you are not without help. Here we will discuss how to placate the trials of gaming full-time.

Physical Challenges

One of pro gaming’s unfortunate impacts is the demand on your body in order to stay consistent and evolve as a gamer. You will deal with eye strain, wrist and hand strain, back pain, possibly obesity, and potentially a lack of personal hygiene. It’s important to maintain a routine of self-care to prevent the long-lasting health effects of being a full-time gamer. For instance, preserving hair disulfide bonds with a special formula to prevent breakage or even applying lotion for the moisture and treatment properties.. A lack of circulation can cause these body parts to not work the way they usually do. As a result, some standing activities like washing your hair or taking a walk are good ideas for gaming hobbyists to help manage the effects of extended seated hours.

Mental Challenges

The problem of gaming addiction is rising, notably for the younger generations like Generations Z and Alphas. The state of gaming is such that there is much pressure online to perform well so as to succeed. Unfortunately, sitting at home in your room is isolating and can lead to clinical depression and generalized anxiety without intervention. Natural sunlight is a free treatment and can generate feelings of grounding and getting out of your head and into your body. You can also build up a support system of positive influences in your life, from individuals and resources like:

  • gaming coaches
  • fellow gamers
  • online forums and communities
  • Discord servers
  • Reddit pages for video game lovers

Emotional Challenges

There can be a lot of toxic behavior in gaming, in the lobbies before the game starts and even during gameplay. Unfortunately, for women and marginalized groups, this can take away from the enjoyment of playing virtually. The extra stress could cause you to quit gaming, become aggressive, or become defensive about the discrimination if you feel unheard. For this opposition, you can consider seeking professional help. There are therapists who specialize in PTSD, ADHD, and addiction who can provide help in your time of need. Other valuable help may come from career coaches or sports psychologists with experience in managing the pressures of professional gaming.

Social Challenges

For massive multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) designed for long periods of playtime, it can be next to impossible to balance your time well. You may also find yourself comparing your gaming setup or current level to others who are able to play more often or who have better resources. This kind of comparison will stifle your personal happiness and make it difficult to get anywhere. When you are feeling triggered or distressed there are ways to cope that do not involve substance abuse or self-harm. Some examples of healthy coping skills are deep breathing, visualization, meditation, cold showers, and positive self-talk. Other ways to cope for the long-term would be:

  • setting boundaries
  • effective time management
  • practicing self-compassion
  • prioritizing social connections

A healthy life requires taking a balanced approach. In the gaming world, balance means setting aside time to achieve at school or at work. Try taking 10 minute breaks every 2 hours to rest your eyes and your mind. Set a timer to be able to notify yourself when you should be on one task and then when you can start another. Give yourself grace, as well, to find your own routine that may not look like anyone else. Finding your own soothing strategies is beneficial for you and you will build your own confidence to help other people do it. In this way, you contribute to the entire gaming community and not just the one in your house.

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