Multihead Weigher and Multihead Weigher Supplier

Multihead Weigher

Multihead Weigher and Multihead Weigher Supplier

Multihead Weigher

To weigh different types of materials, you need a proper weigher machine that covers balancing multiple materials. In this case,  the profitable company Kenwei comes with its multi-head weigher. It is the hot selling product of the Kenwei.  You can find 8, 10, 11, 14, 16,18, 20 heads and several other kinds of machines. These products are prepared to provide high precision and speed to meet the precise weighing requirements from 2 g to 5000 g. Moreover, these machines also are the best solution for mixing multi-materials.

Furthermore, these weighers are embedded with automatic sensors, making them more user-friendly. The machine’s modular design enhances the performance for more stable and precise results due to the durable quality and performance of Kenwei, known as a trustworthy Multihead weigher supplier.

Multihead Weigher of Kenwei

Kensei offers many weighing machines that have different features and qualities. Each of them varies with each other in terms of heads and size. So, people with different preferences consider the device that suits them the best. Also, you can see the variation in their size.

The High machine Speed 16 Head Multihead weigher comes into the list of larger weighing devices. Users can use this giant machine to weigh one or two combined materials. With this product, you can consider in the range of 10-1000 g. These sixteen heads can weigh several materials such as candies, nuts, melon seeds, meatballs, etc.

On the contrary, this ten heads high precision mini weigher is available for weighing a little less than a giant machine. This product weighs from 2-200g and is highly suitable to consider small particles like tea, glutamate, and monosodium.

If you want to go with two modules, then the standard 20 head Multihead Weighing machine is for you. These high-quality machines offer you a weighing range from 20-2000 g. That means you can weigh as much as possible on this dual-mode machine.

Some More Products:

  1. Noodle Multi-head Weigher for Strip Products
  2. Two Layers Screw Feeding Weigher for Sticky food
  3. 32 Head Mixing Weigher 0.5L
  4. Leak Proof Weigher for Small Powder and Particles
  5. Carbon Steel 10 Head Plastic Hoppers Weigher

 Feature of Kenwei Weighing Machines


The latest weighing machines have plenty of configuration options. These weighers are embedded with the language settings that can be adjusted according to regions and counties.

Advanced Interface

The debugging interface of these products also incorporates the self-learning control and fault vision alarm functions. These advanced settings of the weighing machines stand out among ordinary weighing devices.

Easy to Use

Nonetheless, these machines are super easy to set and use. You can disassemble them effortlessly as well. Moreover, the weighers require low maintenance, making them friendly products.

Final Verdict

Guangdong Kenwei Intellectualized Machinery Co., Ltd is a trustworthy company that introduces high-quality weighers with multi-heads. This  Multihead Weigher Supplier company offers advanced features, functions, and designs. There are various models of weights available; you can check them on the official page of Kenwei.