Netgear Genie Appearing After Extender Setup? Let’s Fix It!

First of all, pat yourself on back for installing a Netgear extender in your home. By performing new extender setup you can take your internet experience to the next level. The Netgear extender allows you to access the internet in every corner of your home. That means, no need to worry about dead zones and irritating buffering icon while watching an online video.

But, what happened? Netgear Genie is appearing on the websites that you are trying to access on your WiFi-enabled device? Looks like you need some help. Worry not! We have a solution for you. Walk through this article and know how to troubleshoot the Netgear Genie when it continues to appear after extender setup.

But, first of all, let’s figure out what is the reason behind the issue.

Why Netgear Genie is Appearing After Extender Setup?

  • You might have performed improper Netgear extender setup
  • The Netgear extender has been disconnected from the router’s WiFi network.

Now that you are aware of the reasons behind the issue, so the troubleshooting will become easy. So, without any delay, let’s hop up to the solutions to fix the issue.

Fixed: Netgear Genie Appearing After Extender Setup

  1. Reboot Your Netgear Extender

If the Netgear Genie continues to appear on the websites you visit via your WiFi-enabled device, then this might occur due to technical glitches with the extender. These technical glitches can be fixed by rebooting the extender. So, just switch off the Power button on your WiFi device and wait for some time. Then, switch on your extender and check if the issue resolves. If the Netgear Genie is still appearing, then move to the next troubleshooting tip.

  1. Re-run the Netgear Genie Setup Wizard

To resolve the ‘Netgear Genie continues to appear after extender setup’, re-run the Netgear extender setup wizard on your PC. For this, open a web browser on your PC and search for in the address bar. Fill in the login details to log in to your extender. Once done close the setup wizard and try accessing some other website on your PC to see if the Netgear Genie still appears.

  1. Connect Your Extender and Router Properly

As mentioned earlier that the Netgear Genie will continue to appear if your extender is disconnected from the router. So, we recommend you to check the same. If you have connected both devices wirelessly, then use an Ethernet cable to connect them. If you are already using an Ethernet cable, ensure that the connection is finger-tight and secure.

  1. Clear Your Browser’s Cache

If you don’t clear the cache of your web browser regularly then you have found another reason behind the issue. Chances are that your web browser is displaying a cached version of Netgear Genie whenever you try to access any website. To fix this, head towards the settings of your web browser and clear its cache, cookies as well as browsing history.

  1. Configure Your Extender Properly

If none of the aforementioned troubleshooting tips worked for you, then the issue might be occurring due to a partial extender setup. So, to reconfigure your extender properly, the last resort you have left with is factory reset. Performing factory default reset will erase all the current settings of your extender and surely resolve the issue too. You can reset your extender using the hard reset method. Here are the do-follow instructions to restore your wireless extender to factory default settings:

  • Switch on your Netgear WiFi range extender by plugging it into a working power source.
  • Wait until the power LED on your extender stabilizes.
  • Now, grab a paper clip or a pin that is handy and press the Reset button on the extender.
  • Hold the Reset button for a while and release it after some time.
  • Your extender will reset and you need to perform Netgear range extender setup from scratch.

Once your extender is configured properly, close the Netgear Genie and try surfing on the internet. This time you will achieve success in resolving the issue.


Netgear Genie is a gateway to configure your extender. But, it can be troublesome if the Netgear Genie itself becomes an issue. Let’s hope that the aforementioned troubleshooting guide will help you in getting rid of the ‘Netgear Genie appearing after extender setup’ issue.

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