Online Casinos Are Growing In India

Online casinos are growing faster than ever in India. Every day, new online casino real money sites are appearing and choosing from the thousands of options can be quite overwhelming. By 2027, the projected market volume is expected to reach US$49.01m with an annual growth rate of 7.57% for total revenue. But what is the underlying cause for this growth?

Digital growth

There are many reasons for the growth of online casinos in India, the main one being a huge increase in the number of people who have smartphones. With more access to 4G and 5G, people can access online casino websites from their computers in the comfort of their own home or their smartphones if they are on the move.

Mobile apps

Alongside the growth of online casinos, mobile apps are also becoming a more popular way to access online casino sites. Not all, but most online casinos offer their site from a mobile app, allowing easy access for customers. It is really easy for customers with either an iOS or Android device to find the apps, simply just search it in the app store and download it. Unfortunately, Google Play Store can be strict about gambling apps, but don’t worry… just download APK files to access the casino platforms instead.

Selection of games

With new casinos providing up to date game selections and always looking to add more, Indian gamblers don’t need to look far for hours of entertainment. Choosing from many options, online casinos provide lots of fun and excitement for their customers. Select the casino games you would like to play and let the fun begin!


With a wide range of payment options, gambling online just got easier. With payment options such as UPI, e-wallets and prepaid cards, it is fast and easy to complete your transactions on gambling sites. Some online casinos have even started to accept cryptocurrency to attract more customers, a great alternative to debit and credit cards as it won’t appear on your bank statement.


Online casinos are a more convenient way for Indian gamblers to bet or play casino games. Being able to play whenever and wherever you prefer allows you to have the freedom you want. With no fuss of having to head out to a casino and wait for your turn by a very busy casino table, just stay at home, register online and you can start to gamble immediately.


In India, the online casino industry is constantly evolving. It is predicted that the revenue of the mobile gaming industry in India will reach USD 5 billion in 2025. This is why online casinos believe it is important to constantly work towards improving the security of their sites and offer bonuses with advanced terms and conditions.

There are always rumours on new ways the casino industry can be and is being evolved. For example the introduction of VR into gaming. Many providers are trying to establish ways to incorporate VR gaming into casino games, which would essentially make you feel as though you were inside a real casino. This is already being tested in the Metaverse.


To summarise, with a large increase in digital growth in India and easy access to gaming platforms, it’s caused an increase in popularity for online casinos. Indian gamblers are eager to try out new casinos and their wide variety of games. The online gambling industry in India is expected to continue growing as casinos provide increasingly improved experiences to players, resulting in more registrations on these websites.

We’re excited to see what the future holds for the gambling industry as a whole. With it becoming more accessible and legalised across India, we should see an increase in the amount of investment into the industry and more companies entering the market with new innovative ideas. This will benefit casino players massively.

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