Online Games That Are Next to Stress-Killer

Leading fast-paced hectic lifestyles with tied up schedules is the thing now. As one tries to match up to these ever-changing times that we live in, what comes along with it can be quite taxing and draining on individuals to cope with. One such factor that majorly impacts us is ‘stress’. We resort to various activities that help induce a stress-free environment while keeping the mind calm and at peace. One such go-to is playing skill games online, don’t we all agree to this?

Irrespective of the age group, everyone has a particular game or multiple games that they play to get those few minutes off for themselves. These days most of the games are skill based, meaning, they test your brainpower, help you relax, help in distraction to a great extent and more.

Still wondering how online games act as a stressbuster then, it is said that playing games reduces the level of Cortisol- the primary stress hormone, in bodies nearly after a month of use.

Read on further to know about such games that are Lighthearted, casual and therapeutic that help heaps.

1. Candy Crush 

Created by a European game maker in 2012, Candy Crush became a hit among the public real quick. From school going kids to teenagers to young adults, middle aged and above, literally everyone was either talking or playing this. A massively successful, casual puzzle game where one needs to match three candies to finish up each level. It got everybody hooked onto it but, what we did not realize is, how it became one’s go-to no matter what the situation was! As you cross each level, the chance of clearing a level gets tougher this in turn keeps the player engrossed entertained making them forget about their external worry or stress.

2. Jigsaw Puzzle 

If you are someone who likes playing or working on jigsaw puzzles in real life, you may find the virtual online skill game much more interesting, easier, and convenient. It is an effective substitute to improve mood and relieve stress levels. The virtual game is like the one you do in real life. Pick and choose from a variety of puzzles you want to work on and touch the pieces to join/fix them together. Also, any type of puzzle is extremely good for the brain as it points to the stress-relieving benefits of engaging in such activities. This game takes hours of your time. So, wherever you are while doing this, you automatically cut off from everything around you and shift your focus onto it. It is also a great tool for meditation as you focus on one image for a long period of time!

3. Bejeweled 

Yet another popular skill game online is Bejeweled. An addictive gem matching video game that was released on May’30, 2001. Yes, it has been a long time! When you look up for online games on the App Store/ Play Store, this one is sure to pop up. The main goal in this game is to clear the gems of the same color. It is that simple. Every session of this game is bound to combat frustration, anxiety, and stress. The visuals and sounds incorporated in this online game are quite mesmerizing and soothing to the ear. These compelling effects are proven to create positive feelings and leave you with delight and awe.

4. WGT Golf Game

A freemium mobile game, this would be the pet of golf enthusiasts who stay at home. With various modes, decent gameplay, and realistic courses, it closely mimics the outdoor greens.

Though not all golfers would find a mobile game sufficient, a home golf simulator game is a sweet alternative. While playing it online with friends may require further interventions of other devices, it’s a stress-relieving game you can bring anywhere.

5. Pokemon Go

An Augmented Reality (AR) mobile game, Pokémon Go lets you discover the world by finding the Pokémon’s, exploring exciting new ways to play this online skill game while overcoming challenges that are thrown at you at different levels. Pokémon Go became a huge global sensation among people falling under different age bars. The motive of this game is simple- finding or catching various Pokémon characters. It lets the players travel and explore real and virtual locations in search of these Pokémon’s. Not just does it let you enjoy the game but helps you get some exercise as it encourages you to go outside on walks. And as we all know, walks are a great form of exercise to reduce stress.

6. Pearls Peril 

If you are a fan of the game The Hidden Objects, then you are sure to fall in love with Pearls Peril too. Launched in 2013, this became the company’s fastest growing game at that point in time. This game poses an interesting challenge by immersing you into an adventurous story of the game which later leads to you finding multiple objects hidden in an image. This is a time set game, which means you must complete the level before the timer sets off oresle you’d have to start the level all over again. Once the players cross a certain level, they get to be part of a group (choose which one matches your preference). These groups are composed of multiple players from all around the globe who together play weekly matches. Upon cleaning and winning these matches on time, you get a bunch of exciting rewards and benefits that will be useful as you continue playing. If you are ruminating about anything this skill game will get you off it and ease your stress levels.

There is no hard and fast rule that games are for preschoolers or teenagers. Infact, all games including the online skill games are for everyone to explore, enjoy, test and play. These games help us to a great extent by enhancing our skills, improving our brain power, setting the mood, and of course reducing stress levels. We have all taken to games at some point in our lives when we need that kind of diversion of relaxation, yes? Play whatever you prefer if you keep stress at bay!

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