Outsourcing payroll is one of the best things you can do

If you’re a small business or startup, hiring your first employee is often the best decision you can make – it means you have a staff member to work on other important tasks that are outside of your skillset, and the new skills they’ll bring to the company will help propel its growth.

Payroll outsourcing, or hiring an expert payroll service provider who has all the complicated tax regulations and calculation requirements down pat is one of those decisions that should be taken without hesitation. It means fewer employees for you to oversee, less knowledge required from each employee on staff, and more time in which every part of your business can thrive.

Payroll is outsourced to save time:

If payroll is not outsourced to an expert in payroll, it can soon develop into a part-time job. Payroll taxes and employee information needs to be updated regularly, and mistakes on your DE40 tax return (which you have to file every year) can lead to a hefty fine.

The time that is spent on the payroll could be spent improving the skills of each employee, developing new products and marketing them, recruiting more clients – all critical aspects of growing your business in the most efficient way possible.

Reduced overhead costs:

All of your payroll taxes are sent to the IRS and other relevant authorities on the date that you choose, after being calculated by a payroll tax calculator. That means you don’t have to worry about keeping track of all the information required (including any state or city-based taxes), and it also means that you’ll be able to submit accurate tax reports at all times.

Proven expertise:

Your finances are likely not a priority in your small business, which is why it’s a good idea to hire a payroll service provider who will take care of everything – so there will be less time that needs to be spent on this aspect of running your business.

Invest more in your core business:

Investing in payroll for your employees can be a hugely beneficial step for your business. When you have your business’s product or service is paid out of the combined income of all its employees, it means that your company will be able to dedicate even more time to create other products and services that can help increase growth.
When you are outsourcing payroll, part of the agreement should require that you hire one employee who is dedicated solely to receiving data from your payroll provider and processing it on an off-site server or database – where you can easily access the information. If you don’t do this, maintaining the integrity of all employee records will soon become a daunting task.

Reliability and security of the provider:

When you are outsourcing payroll to a quality payroll service provider, you can rest assured that your company’s information is safe and secure. When you have outsourced payroll, you will be able to spend more time growing your business.
Payroll outsourcing to an expert payroll service provider is one of the best decisions any small business or startup can make. It makes payroll management far easier and frees up time in which other areas of your business can flourish.
If you want to know more about the advantages of outsourcing payroll, contact us today! You will find our online calculators very helpful in determining how much money could be saved by outsourcing your payroll process.

Offerings of complimentary services:

A good payroll service provider will offer a variety of services that are focused on making your business run smoothly. These services could include hiring, training, and supervising employees, as well as supplying necessary equipment and materials.

Payroll can be outsourced only through payroll service providers:

You can’t really outsource payroll to any other form of business, such as a lawyer or another type of financial specialist. Only those who specialize in payroll are qualified to handle the complicated process. If you don’t choose a quality provider right away, then you could end up paying far more than you actually need to.


These are the benefits of outsourcing payroll services. We hope that you have found them helpful in making a decision before choosing your payroll service provider.

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