Packaging carries as much significance as the product wrapped inside. This is mainly, due to the fact that they both contribute to the sales equivalently and hence should be held at the same importance. In short, they both impact the client as packaging aids in piquing the interest of the client and the product satisfies hence building the brand image and increasing sales. You can get consultation for your brand packaging from

This importance can be perceived by consideration of the following factors:

  • Conveyer of brand message/ image

Both the article and the way its covering is designed assists in building image of the brand. This is because the first thing that the customer in the market views is the package that the product is wrapped in and hence it plays a vital role in either attracting the client or repelling them. For this sole reason packaging holds 1/3rd of the brand endorsement.

Consequently, both the product and its packaging has adverse effects on the brand image; this means that one cannot do well in the market without the other.

  • Continued purchasing of the product depends on the quality of product itself

Now, once the packaging fulfills its purpose that is to engage the customer enough to make him settle for the decision of buying it, the rest of the weight falls on the product inside. This is because, the first purchase of a new product in the market depends mostly upon the package, but the client will only repurchase the it, if the product inside actually fulfills all the needs and conditions.

  • Packaging serves as a benchmark for determining quality of product inside

The way a product is wrapped says a lot about its own quality. This is why stimulating interest of the viewer holds immense importance in marketing. The better the packaging, the better are the chances of it being purchased. However, as the product inside also carries its own significance, it is important to maintain a clear balance between the degree of visibility of the product through packaging. This means placing a visual block between the targeted audience and the product but also keeping it a little visible as to maintain an element of surprise for the viewer to keep everything intriguing.

  • Affects marketing/ retailing

Both the product and the packaging effects the sales of the company; the covering is designed keeping the targeted user in mind and hence affects their decision of choosing their product immensely while the actual product is the thing that brings the client to the shop to make the purchase. So in a way, neither of them can do any good without the other. This means that they are in correlation to each other, and if one of them does substandard in the market it directly affects the other and eventually the company selling that particular article.


  • Attracting the intended user

Neglecting the product or the packaging quality can result in decreased attraction of customers towards the product. This is why it is crucial to study customer psychology and effects of packaging, product quantity and its quality on the sales. For some people, packaging is only seen as an ‘enhancer’ of the actual product as hence is being neglected; But the actual reality and statistics prove that packaging is as important as the product.

King Custom Boxes could shift their focus to analyzing what affects the sale by what percentage which can be a powerful turning point for the marketing strategies of their company. The packaging could be tried and tested and one way could be putting up poles on the social medias and let the actual user decide for themselves that what would they like to be displayed and how.

Since, the results would be coming from the targeted user themselves without any indulgence of the company itself, it would aid the firm in having another perspective towards their own products. This can be viewed as an ‘eye opener’ for the reason that maybe some of the strategies that were seen as petty matters actually have a lot of influence over their branding.

Moreover, after this is done, a subsequent plan of action could be to survey the outcomes of the strategies previously implemented and the affect they had on the commissions the company made. Now this affect, can be mathematically computes in the form of graphs and tables and hence can be used in predicting which approach had the greatest impact and that what measures could be taken to amplify the results reaped from it. To conclude, will not only help in adding value to the product but also benefit both the company and the user.

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