Recommended toys for kids of different ages

Playing is necessary for the growth of kids. No one can deny that toys are an irreplaceable part of kids’ playtime. Many toys for kids are designed by keeping in mind the age group of specific kids. These ages can be divided among infants (Ages 0-1), toddlers (Ages 1-2), preschoolers (Ages 3-5), and school-going (Ages 6-11). These all phases of a kid’s age depict the pattern of his cognitive and social skills development.  Each phase requires different input for the grooming of kids. Playing with toys is a part of their learning. There should never be a problem if a child wants to play with toys. Kids’ evolving bodies and brains benefit much from imaginative play. The best playthings are those that enhance the physical as well as cognitive grooming of kids.

It is obvious that with increasing age, kids will prefer playing with different toys. They will get bored of their old toys and acquire new toys. Toy companies keep in mind that at every stage, kids need new stimulation. It can include artificial intelligence or other updated features. This is how toy stimulation works for kids. This article will give insights on which toys will be proper for your kids according to their age. All the categories of toys mentioned below are available on Leyjao.PK with exclusive discounts

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Appropriate Toys for Infants (Ages 0-1)

At this age of 0-1 years, infants are attracted to different sounds. This is the phase where they try to differentiate between sounds. This phase of the age is about sharpening their mental capabilities because children at this point of their learning are getting stimuli from every sound they are listening to. Parents must get ideas from different research articles available on the internet about baby toys and what kind of playthings are best for them.

Usually, parents prefer to buy such pop-ups for their kids that are light in weight and easy to hold. These children’s toys are especially based on bright colours and cute sounds that attract kids.

Toys for Toddlers (Ages 1-2)

Toy companies mostly keep in mind that kids must get attractive vibes from toys and games that motivate them to lurk towards toys. This will boost their willpower to learn to walk and run. You can get such toys in Pakistan online from different toy stores including leyJo.PK. You can purchase Block & Building Toys, Activity Toys, and Baby Doll Toys for toddlers (Ages 1-2).

Amazing playthings for preschoolers (Ages 3-5)

As the age of kids increases, they try to find more lucrative toys. They appreciate the challenging features of toys. These online toys in Pakistan are available at different prices. Their imagination skills are stretching their wings at this age. They are more interested in watching cartoons. So the pop-ups are based on cartoon characters are their favourite like Dancing Avengers Cactus Toy, Cactus Iron Man, Doraemon Plush Toys, X-Men Stuffed Toy, and Thor Stuffed Toy. These are popular toys for boys nowadays.

Best toys for school-going kids (Ages 6-11)

This age is all about learning educational concepts and other ideas. It is much better to buy educational toys for kids if you want to see improvement in their learning process. Any online toys shop in Pakistan can provide you with the best educational toy. It is natural that your kids are losing interest in their old toys and insisting on buying new toys. The kids’ toys online shopping is not always easy, until and unless parents have some idea about the choice of their youngsters.

online toys in Pakistan

Fantastic pop-ups for kids more than 11 years old

After 11 years of age, teen life starts which is a beautiful part of life and gives amazing memories for the rest of life. These years require much input for learning from the surroundings. Toys are based on the idea of making children vigilant. The vital potential of accepting challenges and taking initiative is a must needed skill in kids. You can get a perfect idea about the pop-ups from LeyJao.PK.

Buy these incredible toys for your kids

Your favourite baby toys in Pakistan are available for online purchase. In Pakistan, baby toy products are available in ample categories. Most of the toys are budget friendly if you buy them from leyjao.PK because this online platform has enticing discounts on many toy products. This particular online toy shop offers some of the most competitive prices on toys available on the internet for children of all ages. It will be to your advantage if you spend some time doing research on the prices and characteristics of the product while visiting an online toys shop in Pakistan.

In a wide variety of categories, including Collectibles Toys, Puzzles Toys, Baby Doll Toys, Activity Toys, Car Toys, Educational Toys, and Play Equipment you can buy anything that suits your kid’s interest. You are strongly encouraged to buy baby toys online from LeyJao.PK in Pakistan.


Toys help kids become more flexible, multitalented and develop a wide range of skills. Kids acquire inspiration for different kinds of learning from toys. Many kids’ toys online are easily available on your doorstep. There are many toy hubs on the internet to find modern toys for your kids online. Several online toy retailers sell the kids toys in Pakistan based on movie characters. Toys that encourage running, pushing, bending, and reaching help children become more agile.