Right Types Of Coating To Suit Your Custom Boxes

Custom Boxes

Many traditional and special textures and coatings are currently available for printed boxes customization. And the fact is that it could be frustrating, excessively, complicated, and daunting, particularly to startups or small businesses. Fortunately, here you’ll learn how to select the perfect coating depending on the functionality of your actual packages requirement (stuff, layout, and expense).

Fast Custom Boxes gives you all the details you want on custom boxes while you decide to have a coating on your brand packages! Once you plan to coat any package of your brand, we recommend you consider these suggestions ahead.

Paperboard Packages

As paperboard is lightweight, compact, and typically used in retails for goods, creators strive to make their packages more innovative in finishing to draw the attraction of your clients to your products on shelves.

So here are the famous paperboard coatings:

1) Lamination

Laminated paperboard packages are commonly considered the finest in performance and looks, but are usually more costly due to their preventive features.

Remember: According to other coating varieties, lamination offers the strongest humidity defense. Long-run designs usually favor lamination because of their durability and dustproof nature. This makes perfect sense to store hundreds of packages that might not be purchased immediately. One more lamination benefit is its illustration quality.

Whenever you look at the stunning matte package in Sephora as well as Holt Renfrew in many skincare items, they’re more likely to use lamination. Fashion brands prefer to pick matte lamination for a basic but sophisticated style and utilize gloss lamination for a vivid and stunning style.

2) UV And AQ Coating

If you’re searching for a cheaper alternative, you may need to choose moderate-gloss AQ coating.

  • As it is a water-based and food-safe substitute.
  • AQ is also the standard for most coatings with low cost and good efficiency.
  • It offers a medium gloss shine that brings the package some shine, but not very far to attract clients.

UV coatings, on the other side, produce a vibrant finish much like glossy lamination. This coating is tear-resistant in nature.

  • It’s good to defend boxes design during delivery.
  • UV coating is much more ecological, however, it does not meet the quality and security offered by lamination.
  • Consequently, UV is always a common option as it adds optimum vibration to the box.
  • This coating is easy to implement and has a cheaper price per product.



Tear-resistant in nature this type is good as it’s safer to cover packages throughout delivery. So if you want to apply a perfect and top-notch quality coating on your packaging surface then lamination is a good choice.

UV Coating:

UV coating is environmentally friendly, but it wouldn’t meet the consistency and security like lamination. Similarly, UV is also a common option as it adds optimum shine to the container, is easy to manufacture, and has cheaper in price.

Corrugated Packages

Businesses also tend to utilize corrugated packages for shipment packaging due to their stronger, stiffer quality. Corrugated packages are also coated in the same way as paperboard boxes. But in this type of packaging AQ coating is not used. Let’s look it in-depth

1) Gloss Varnish

This type of coating is used for corrugated packages. These packages are mostly used for transportation so they don’t need high-level embellishment or extra shine on their surface.

So Gloss varnish is a good option in giving low cost and effective coating for the packages with their short delivery time.

Note: with the changing world, there are a lot of companies paying good attention to the customization of their delivery boxes as well. As their unique opening experience gives their clients a unique feel. So they are also adding some high-class coatings to further improve their product appearance.

2) Lamination

Like paperboard boxes, a laminated coating offers the best security for your corrugated boxes artwork.

Note: Companies using lamination on certain delivery packages are typically those who have to give a piece of very detailed information about their products and utilize it as a way of optimizing their design of presentation packages to their extreme level.

The only downside with gloss coating and ultraviolet coating would be that the ripple effects are very noticeable.


Custom boxes are also personalized by adding gold and silver foiling on some of their specific parts of the surface. This solution is good in giving your packaging products a metallic shine.

1) Gold Foiling

If you want to print your brand logo in a way that whenever that logo will expose to light it gives a shine like the surface of gold then gold foiling is a perfect selection for you.

2) Silver Foiling

Similarly, if you want to give a silvery shine to that part with your product details our engineers at Fast Custom Boxes would suggest you select silver foiling.


The coating is a highly demanding solution in the designing of custom wholesale boxes. All these details and comparisons would be helpful to find the best coating selection for your boxes. Coatings are applied on the whole surface of packages but if you would add foils to your boxes, it will make your design 2 times more attractive to your buyers.