Do you also have a new smartphone in your head? Before you put an expensive top model on your wish list, Apunkagames will show you five tips for saving and inexpensive alternatives to the expensive top device. With the right strategy and a little flexibility, you can save a lot of cash when buying a smartphone.

Check below to read 5 useful tips to save your money

1. Previous models: Cheaper, but not from yesterday

If a new smartphone flagship comes into the market, the previous models will be cheaper after a while. This results in interesting bargain potential across the market for buyers – both with top brands and in the middle class. For example, if you thetechboy use previous models of Apple instead of the current device, you can currently save 10,000 rupees (iPhone 13 with the smallest memory size compared to the iPhone 12). So it’s worth the wait: Many manufacturers lower the prices of older models when new smartphones come onto the market, in prices in Pakistan of smartphones shuffled. In the mid-range in particular, the price decline started just a few months after the market launch.

Relying on the Previous model does not automatically mean doing without:Newer devices often offer a technical improvement, such as a faster processor, better battery performance or a sharper camera. But customers will find powerful smartphones, especially with the flagship predecessors. Buyers of an Apple predecessor model can also rely on the generous update policy of the Californians: Apple usually offers updates for four to five years. With Android, devices are provided with updates for around two years.

2. Small but mighty: Save with compact or special versions

Many smartphone manufacturers offer more compact models with similarly good features as their “big brother” but significantly lower prices. For example, the new edition of the iPhone SE is smaller and has a lower range of features than the current marketbusinesstimes iPhone flagship, but a little so has high-quality technology. As a result, consumers currently saving around 42,000 rupees with the compact version.

3. No-name devices: Discovering strong underdogs and underdogs

If you are not necessarily aiming for an expensive high-end device, you can save a lot with the more cost-effective model series such as Samsung’s A-series or Sony’s M-serie who are oriented towards the middle class typically don’t have to spend more than 25,000 to 30,000 rupees for a current smartphone. In general, it is all looking a look at other manufacturers such as Motorola, LG, Wiko, and many more any more, because it does not always have to be the expensive flagships from Apple, Samsung or Huawei. There are numerous niche brands and “underdogs” to severed on the smartphone market beyond the familiar paths.

4. Refurbished smartphones: sustainable savings trend

Professionally refurbished used smartphones are an inexpensive alternative for bargain hunters and environmentally conscious people. For example, anyone who buys an older, but high-quality model such as the Apple iPhone XS (64 GB) in “like new” condition (for example at returned) saves almost 15 percent compared to the new price. The savings are greater with older Android devices, which drop in price more quickly than the more stable iPhones. The advantage for consumers: dealers specializing in the reprocessing of used smartphones guaranteed up to 36 months on completely refurbished devices.

Anyone who buys equipment on the private used market should make sure that the used ensures still fully functional and not damaged. In addition, many manufacturers only offer software updates for a limited time. Operating systems in a result, operating individual apps then no longer work smoothly on older devices, in particular meet the current standards.

5. Smartphone and tariff: check potential savings
Consumers should check in advance what, is cheaper on the bottom line – the individual purchase with a separate mobile phone tariff or the combination with a subsidized smartphone. Anyone who buys a new smartphone with a contract can pay off the device in monthly instalments: Instead of several hundred rupees at once, an additional payment for the device is added to the regular tariff fees every month. Especially those who rely on the latest high-end devices can spread such high acquisition costs over a longer period of time. However, it usually remains unclear what costs are incurred for the device and for the tariff. Often the monthly additional payment continues unchanged even after 24 months.

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