Scale Model Tank

Scale Model Tank

We are doing business with approx 20 model tanks and we aim to make adults and collectors happy. Our brand RESINSCALES works in creating resin kits which you can see in many games like War Thunder and World of Tanks. As compared to plastic kits, our tank models are quick and straightforward to construct. We are fabricating first-class 1:35 scale model tanks painted and unpainted resin World of Tanks which you cannot obtain from anywhere on the globe.

We keep proper awareness of undisputable modeling effects on individuals and reinforce the industry of hobby. We set up to inculcate in our shoppers the agony and awareness we manifest for our tasks as an extensive range of products outline and manufactured by our specialist and obliging workers. We capably scale tanks of RESINSCALES from outline to manufacture down to the rearmost rooted on tank bodies. Recently we are involved in upgrading our design and site and manufacturing more models to make an easy way for you to find out all m models of World of Tanks resins in one place. It would be convenient for the shoppers to compare the best model. On our site, you will see a vast range of unique models that are tremendously dependable and a little bit simple. You will experience high quality at affordable prices at the RESINSCALES store.

Model production technology

Good quality parts

We provide constructing experience to collectors or gamers with our high manufacturing techniques and kits’ detail levels. We are set to be the preferred product of gamers with the price and durability performance of our World of Tank resin models. We are confident enough about the part’s high precision.

Models’ painting

Painting can be done by yourself without losing any detail, and paint it in whatever color you want. The surface of the model is prepared in a way that it can easily paint. Resin is used to make the kits of the tanks supported by parts that are in motion that differ from model to model. Our 1:35 scale model tanks will give you attractive visual plead, especially to beginners with movable gun barrels or turret heads.

We use the technology of the old generation for quick prototyping and modern 3D modeling. It is manufactured by an architect who has good experience in their own field.

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