Scarlet Nexus: A Complete Game Review

Scarlet Nexus is Bandai Namco’s high-end game. It’s an action RPG adorned with Devil May Cry-like swordplay summered in an epic narrative that explores high concept sci-fi themes. That includes time travel, totalitarian governments, and basic question of consciousness. A Persona-ish relationship system, a barrel of extravagant, superficial customization options, and an interconnecting network of psychic powers are found in its margin.

Yuito Sumeragi and Kasane are two young members of OSF- a paramilitary fighting force. The player takes control of either of them. Both of them are tasked with finishing the horrific, preternatural beings known as “The Others” who are laying siege to the mysterious and futuristic, and uncanny society. Yuito Sumeragi and Kasane Randall both have their campaigns that bisect at a certain junket letting the players some more to chew. Irrespective of the perspective the player chooses, he has to follow the orders and clear out teeming pods of others on the edges of human civilization before the story takes a deeper and enigmatic turn. 

Who are those creatures that are being killed? What are being shipped? This investigation will be complete gradually on level by level. Both the characters Yuito and Kasane trudge around the map to loot the overlooked corridors and cover a few piracies but the maximum time of the players will be spent on killing the heck of bad guys.

Yuiko and Kasane have access to their traveling band of psychic teens. Those abettors are not controlled directly and they don’t even damage much overall but they play an important role. The party has a variant suite of uncanny expertise. Among them, some grants invulnerability and player is allowed to tap into those skills at any time. If players want to have skills added, they can also use NeMo Trainer to cheat in the game. All these effects have a sudden impact on the battle.

In the interim moments, when the player is not beheading others and experimenting with the death-dealing powers, Yuiko and Kasane spend quite a lot of time consoling the damaged souls in their unit. The episodes recognize the player with encouragement in their relationship with the NPC which permits them to be a little savvier.

Scarlet Nexus could have diversified those outings in a little better way. The player is always hanging out with his comrades at the same restaurant and the plot is justly focused on a slow manifold injustice that comes with being a super-soldier. How strange and apocryphal those travels can be is what makes persona great.

The big game is been forced into a small box. The journey is ineradicable. An uneasy, realm saved by a military that are increased with cybernetic tech which lets them grasp their brain as ammunition. Demons those are desperate to remove humanity from the roads. If Scarlet Nexus only told that story to it could be more successful. Instead, a deviation from body horror and government censorship is given.

The game has the desire to reuse old layouts for fresh missions. It comes up easily imaginable game. Scarlet Nexus is a good game.


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