Small Tattoo Designs

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You would like to have a small tattoo tattooed! A small tattoo is a very popular tattoo among women and is therefore tattooed in many different styles and designs. We would like to tell you more about this! The possibilities of a small tattoo are endless kleine tattoo.

Where do you want a small tattoo?

A small tattoo shows up nicely in smaller areas like your wrist, behind your ear or on your finger. If you’re considering a larger area like your chest or back, make sure the design comes into its own. A tattoo can always help you find the right place for your tattoo. Other popular places for small tattoos are ankle , forearm , neck, shoulder blade, foot and collarbone.

Small tattoo ideas for a woman

As we mentioned earlier, mainly women opt for small tattoos. When a tattoo is placed in the right place with the right design, it can have a significant impact. Places where women often get a tattoo are the wrist, foot, behind the ear or finger.

Small tattoos are for men too

Then small tattoos being put on by many women does not mean it is not for men. Even a small tattoo can look good on men . We have collected some stylish ideas for you.

Inspiration for getting a small tattoo

Looking for some inspiration for a fun small tattoo? Search no further! We have collected the coolest tattoos for you. We help you find the perfect tattoo. A small tattoo is often the first tattoo for many people. You are curious if it is something for you. It is therefore important that you choose a place and design that you feel comfortable with and find beautiful. A small tattoo is very subtle and is often done on women.

Symbols or letters on your hand

Usually you see symbols on the side of the hand or, for example, letters on the finger as a tattoo. You can have a word tattooed on your fist or, for example, place a small heart or rose symbol on your hand. Combining is of course also a possibility! Then think of a symbol + letter such as a heart and the first letter of the name of your loved one.

Many women opt for a small tattoo on their arm

As we just mentioned, symbols and letters are popular small arm tattoos. We also notice that many women opt for subtle and cute tattoos. The upper arm and wrist are the most common places for a tattoo on the arm.

The wrist is also a popular place

Most women have a small tattoo on the side of their wrist. This is a nice place for a cute tattoo of, for example, a heart or a name. You can also hide the tattoo reasonably well on the wrist if, for example, you wear a bracelet or watch.

Opt for a small rose tattoo

Do you want a small rose tattoo ? Then you have to think of the entire rose, so with a stem. You often see these on the wrist, for example. This is a choice many women make. Men usually opt for larger roses.

Or the little butterfly tattoo

Many girls opt for a small butterfly tattoo on their ankle or, for example, on your shoulder blade. You can also have 2 or 3 small butterflies tattooed. Because you put them so small, it remains a nice cute tattoo.

A small tattoo but very meaningful

Do you choose a heart or, for example, a heartbeat? Then you have a small tattoo but still very meaningful! A name for a loved one with, for example, white doves, roses or a dog’s paw can also be very meaningful tattoos.

How much does (price) a small tattoo cost

A small tattoo usually costs about €100. If you assume this price, you are often in the right place! It can of course vary per tattoo shop from €50 to €125. Depending on the design, the tattoo may cost more.

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