Samsung is one of the world’s leading TV brands with a wide variety of product lines and high quality. However, each TV product has its own advantages and disadvantages, suitable for each different needs of users. This article will bring out a Smart TV 65 inch review through evaluating the pros and cons of 3 Samsung’s lines for you to get a more objective view and make the right choice.

1. Smart Ultra HD 4K TV – For brilliant colors

Smart Ultra HD 4K TV is one of the 4K TV series launched by Samsung to serve the mid-range customer segment. Owning a slim AirSlim design with a frame size of only 1-2 cm, the TV not only creates a sophisticated and luxurious look, but also gives users a borderless viewing experience, immersed in each sharp frame.

In particular, the use of a series of cutting-edge imaging technologies such as Motion Xcelerator technology enhances motion sharpness, resulting in smoother and sharper action movies and games. Besides, the TV’s Dynamic Crystal Color technology will make you unable to take your eyes off the screen thanks to its ability to display a wide color range with 1 billion colors, reproducing frames with brighter color quality.

You can’t take your eyes off the UHD screen thanks to its wide color gamut with 1 billion color reproduction

However, Smart Ultra HD 4K TVs still have some limitations such as a higher price than Full HD TVs of about 3 – 10 million depending on the product and some features of the TV that need to use a high network account. level if you want to activate and maximize other advanced features. However, the TV also has some disadvantages in terms of price and account upgrades.

If you want to own a high-quality Samsung 4K TV, you can refer to Samsung TV with product code 65BU8500 at Manh Nguyen, all price problems – usage methods are completely removed. The unit has a lower price policy than the market and supports free installation of Samsung TV products – its standard process.

2. Neo QLED TV – Super sharp 8K picture

Neo QLED TV is Samsung’s most advanced TV line today, with 14-bit Quantum mini LED backlight technology and sharp 8K resolution that is 4 times better than TVs with 4K resolution.

With a total of 33 million pixels, Samsung’s 8K QLED display reproduces details with absolute precision and outstanding sharpness, displaying them clearly and vividly. In addition to 8K resolution, QLED TVs incorporate Quantum Dot technology to help reproduce true colors and high brightness, creating more vibrant, accurate and vivid colors.

QLED integrates Quantum Dot technology for true color reproduction and high brightness, creating vibrant colors

Because this is a high-end TV version with many outstanding advantages, there are certain disadvantages such as high price, large TV size suitable for large spaces such as large living rooms in villas, hotel lobby, high-class conference room….

Neo QLED TV is a TV line for those who love super sharp, detailed and realistic images. The TV has a classy, modern design and integrates many of Samsung’s leading technologies. However, TVs also have some disadvantages in terms of price and size. If you want to own a high-end 8K Samsung TV, you can refer to this product.

3. QLED TV – Wide viewing angle, high brightness

QLED TV is a TV line that uses Quantum Dot technology to reproduce colors for images. QLED TV has a wide viewing angle, high brightness and good contrast. Besides, QLED has a slim TV design with thin borders, creating a modern and sophisticated space for your living room.

Ultra Viewing Angle technology allows QLED TVs to display high-quality images from any viewing angle. You can watch TV comfortably without worrying about color loss or blurring. Adaptive Picture technology allows QLED TVs to automatically adjust brightness and contrast according to ambient light, giving you the best TV viewing experience in all lighting conditions.

QLED TV with wide viewing angle and high brightness both helps to expand the frame and increase the user’s viewing experience

At the same time, QLED incorporates Quantum Dot technology, allowing QLED TVs to display more than 1 billion colors, delivering vibrant, vivid and true-to-life images. Quantum HDR technology allows QLED TVs to adjust brightness and contrast on a scene-by-scene basis, delivering detailed, clear, and sharp images.

Thus, the above article has made an assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of 3 Samsung’s lines Smart TV 65 inch review. It is quite easy for users to search for these TV products, however, to find a reliable supplier who commits to genuine products at a good price is quite difficult and takes a lot of time to choose. select. If you need advice or buy 65-inch TV products besides Samsung series such as Tivi Sony 65 inch, 65-inch LG TVs with affordable prices, please contact Manh Nguyen immediately for support and advice. Quick purchase, quality.

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