Stay Connected With Your Elders During Covid Times! Bond over these best 5 screen-free ways with them!

Stay Connected With Your Elders During Covid Times! Bond over these best 5 screen-free ways with them!

Covid times are hard! We all are suffering from anxiety and anxiousness, eagerly waiting to see the sun shining upon all of us, clearing the sky of these dark clouds.

With most of the working professionals working at Home, children taking online classes, elderly people at home have to spend time alone. So, amidst these tough times, they need our support. We can cheer our grandparents by spending fun time with them, giving them awesome memories to cherish.

We have some suggestions for you in our store. You can follow these superb 5 tips and bond over these 5 things with your elderly grandparents at home!

1. Try out some Indoor Games! Carrom and Ludo aren’t the great choice?!

Most of us have memories of our childhood where we loved and enjoyed playing Carrom, Chess and Ludo. And, for some extra options, fun games like UNO, Cards, or Stone, Paper, Scissors. Why don’t we play these games with our grandparents? Most of the children love playing PlayStations. The gaming technology from which our grandparents are not equipped with. So, trying out “old-school” methods are an opportunity for you to know from close about your grandparents’ old golden days. You will also be introduced to what your grandparents used to play in their childhood Also this will also give your elderly grandparent to know what ‘these days kids like to play. This lockdown is the best time to give our grandparents the time we couldn’t give.

2. Listen to Radio!

It won’t be wrong to say that 21st-century children do not often listen to the radio. Too strange! Many have not listened to it yet! Then, why not use this time to listen to the radio stations that your grandparents will be fond of like- Vividh Bharti or All India Radio. You can also introduce stations like Bhajan Radio, Radio City, Radio City Smaran, Big Fm to your grandparents. Listening to the radio will not only help you gel with your grandparents, but also makes you familiar with the golden era of the cinema and film music industry. And, your grandparents can get to know the songs that millennials grove on.

3. You Listen to some and tell some!

We all have stories to share. Children have their anecdotes from school life, and the grandparents are the institution in themselves. Their experiences of life can teach you many things. You can discuss your school stories with your grandparents and learn how they spent their childhood, what dishes they liked to eat, how many friends they had, what they used to do in their school times and many more things. Such conversation will give a feeling of care to your grandparents. They will think that there are people around them who want to listen to them rather than only telling them.

4. Listen to Bhagavad Gita Audio Books in Hindi!

We all remember when DD National aired Mahabharat on television. During those times, many of us loved watching television. Our grandparents also cherished that. But, we can not be glued to the TV every time. So, we should try listening to the Mahabharata audiobook which is available on Kuku FM. Our grandparents have walked every phase of life. They know the solutions to many problems. But, Mahabharata is that ocean of knowledge. It has a solution to every problem. Listening to the Mahabharata audiobook in Hindi puts forth the complex ideas in the simplest manner. Thus, not only your grandparents, but you will also enjoy listening to it. In fact, you will find it interesting, and engaging!

5. Cook new recipes with them!

Take a break from eating pizzas or burgers. Learn the traditional recipes from your grandparents. It will give them a sense of engagement. They will feel that their grandchildren respect their tradition and want to learn about it. Through food, you can get connected with your culture and bond with your grandparents. You can also teach your grandparents about modern-day cooking recipes!


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