Sump Pump Failures and How to Avoid Them

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Sump Pump Failures and How to Avoid Them

Sump pumps aren’t something you pay attention to on a regular basis. However, in case of an emergency such as flooding your basement, it becomes a vital tool of defence that can free you of the huge damage repair charges. At times of emergency, it is important to ensure that your pump works smoothly without any failure. So, to help prepare you for any future mishap, here are our top 5 sump pump failures and ways to avoid them.

  • Unexpected Power failures

One of the top reasons behind the failure of the sump pumps is the electrical one. If you live in an area that is prone to frequent rains and storms, then a utility sump pump is even more likely to fail, leading to flooding of the basements and more hassle.

A simple solution to this problem of constant power outages leading to pump failures is installing a battery backup sump pump. It will automatically kick in whenever there’s a power outage, throwing any worries of your sump pump failing out of the window.

  • Switch/floater failure

Another common reason leading up to the failure of the sump pump is problems involving the float switch. The switch and the float arm are the main elements responsible for the proper functioning of the pump. Their failure often results due to the pump shifting inside the pit or some debris getting stuck and in turn jamming the float. Read more: fbise past papers

You can easily dodge this cause of float failure by checking up on your sump pump from time to time. A simple routine checkup and cleanup can ensure the long-term functioning of the switch without facing any failure.

  • Discharge pipe clogging

A clogged or frozen discharge line is another problem that can lead to the sump pump failing. This clogging can result in the regurgitation of water back into your basement.

Adding a grated covering to the pipe’s opening end can reduce debris collection and is one way of preventing clogging. However, an even better way of discouraging freezing discharge is by installing a specialty attachment nearby, giving water alternate pathways to flow in case of the blockade.

  • Inappropriate installation

Your sump pump failure can go way back to the installation time. An improper installation can range from settling it on the wrong surface to not installing a check valve and a multitude of reasons in-between. Simply ignoring the manufacturer’s instructions can lead up to a flooded basement in the future.

You can suspect an installation error once all the other areas of concern have been ruled out. To confirm and deal with it, hiring a professional to examine and advise you on the best way out is ideal.

  • Failure to maintain it properly

If we’re to connect all the dots and find the main culprit, then poor maintenance will take the crown.

A simple maintenance check from time to time can save you a hell of a lot of money and effort on damage repairs. Investing in those few minutes can prevent your house from some serious water damage.


By no means do these tips mean that you can fully exempt your pump from failing? A machine can fail despite all your efforts to stop it, however, these tips will surely help prolong the life and efficient working of your pump. You can also check out our Pedestal Sump Pump buying guide to know more about pumps and their features. or if you want to run your business online, or you are looking for digital marketing Services then Digitvibez is the best option for you. Digitvibez offers PPC, SEO, Web Development, Graphic Designing, Digital Marketing, and Many More Services which is helpful to grow your business online.