Survival Tips for Students Who Are New In Delhi

Delhi is one of the wonderful and diverse cities of India. It also offers several educational opportunities to students. However, the first-time visitors can feel a bit intimated and chaos initially. But you must not worry as that is a part of shifting to a new city and witnessing a new culture. Eventually, you will feel at home and get used to the bustling streets of Delhi.

If you are moving to Delhi for further studies, one of the first concerns can be finding a hostel in Delhi for students. A bit of research and exploring can help in finding a good hostel within your budget. It is to be known that private hostel fees in Delhi can be on the little higher side as compared to government hostels. It all depends on your budget. You must shortlist a few options and connect with them, followed by taking a visit to get the actual idea. This will help in making an informed decision. 

Apart from finding decent accommodation, there are many other things that you need to learn for surviving in this city. Today we will discuss a few such skills that will take you a long way.


  • Learn to bargain

If you are new to Delhi, there are chances of getting exploited in Delhi as you could end up paying more for things you buy. Vendors know you have money, and they try to fetch more of it from you. It is inevitable to learn bargaining skills, and it will help you not only in Delhi but in any part of the country. The idea is to start by asking for half the price and then keep on negotiating till you both reach a middle ground. Gradually this will become a habit and an essential survival skill. 


  • Watch what you eat

It goes without saying that Delhi offers some of the amazing food items which you can find at every nook and corner. People here have a huge appetite for diverse cuisines and spicy food. If you are not used to eating all of that, you should go easy on yourself and start experimenting slowly and gradually. Who knows, the street vendor at the corner of the street might end up becoming your favourite dinner spot. However, give yourself some time and explore the options.


  • Making your way in traffic

Delhi is incomplete without the infamous traffic. You won’t be able to forget your first bus or rickshaw ride in this city. You need to be patient with the traffic and ready for jams from time to time. Rickshaws are the fastest way of getting to any place in the city but are prepared for a wild ride even with an experienced driver. And with traffic comes a lot of pollution. If you are shifting to Delhi, be prepared for a lot of air pollution and poor quality of air. 


  • Learning to deal with the humidity

Summers are too hot to handle in Delhi. Humidity is worse during the early months of summers when the temperature can soar really high. You must stay covered and drink a lot of liquids if you need to step out during the daytime in the summers. It is better to stay indoors and stay cool during the afternoon if you can avoid going out. Even other seasons can be a bit extreme here, with heavy rainfall and water clogging and significant temperature drops during winters. You should be prepared to manage in all weathers.


  • The metro ride

You will have to figure out your way to college via metro. Your navigation from lines to stations can be simplified with the help of apps. The metro is crowded, so watch out for pickpockets. It is better to strap your bag in the front. 


  • Take time for yourself

The chaotic city and study pressure can take a toll on you. It’s good to take out some ‘me’ time and relax away from the hustle of the city. Go to a less frequented small café and find a cosy corner to read a book. Taking a stroll on a lonely street or listening to your favourite music can also be a good way to unwind.


Apart from the above-mentioned survival skills, one thing to learn when you plan to shift to Delhi is that you must learn to look at the bigger picture. If you get caught up in the small stuff such as chaos, stress, and grind, you will miss out on big things. Just embrace the city and enjoy its vibe. See what all it offers you. And we bet you will certainly fall in love with the city. Who knows, you might end up staying here forever!